Saturday, December 27, 2008

ENDGAME - An Alex Jones Film: The Blueprint For Global Enslavement

This weekend's film I picked for it's in depth into the whole " New World Order " phrase many of you, I'm sure, have heard about. Might've heard about it here and there but maybe never quite got how it is going to go about or happen.

This will be the final post for 08, I will be back after the New Year.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wanted to wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas today and hope you get all the things you didn't want!

lol Of course, just kidding...

Have a great one!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

NY Man Arrested For Broadcasting A Foreign TV Station?!

Yea, you read that right alright.

Some of you that might have heard about this story might be saying " Yea but say what station it is and who runs it to be honest! "

Sure, the station is Al Manar ( A Hezbollah run station ) oooo Let's all start going into peoples houses and check what they are watching now!

This will keep us free and prosperous won't it? As soon as we disagree with something someone watches, we will throw them in jail for it. Yea, that will work.

Now, you might be saying " That is a terrorist organization! Of course he should be arrested, how dare he! "

Right, How dare he. He didn't go around promoting them or their agendas, he didn't go around saying " I'm going to terrorize you because my TV told me to " he didn't force people to get the station, now did he?

If you notice, in the AP article from yesterday, there is not one word of any wrong doing. Even his neighbors say the guy is a warm hearted man who never had a record of doing anything wrong.

Now, he's going to be blessed with a sentence of broadcasting a Lebanese TV station because the U.S. doesn't like it? Come on now.

What happened to the right to privacy? If I want to hang Nazi flags, watch old Joseph Stalin videos, study Leninism, practice strategies like Napoleon & learn about the chemical weapons of Iraq, IN MY OWN HOUSE, why in the hell is that any of anyones business?!?!?

Look at this as an American's rights being violated people, not anything else. Because you might not like what he did, it is his right as an American to be able to be Free to watch and broadcast what he pleases, as long as he is not violating anyones privacy. Bottom line...

It begins with what you can watch, then it goes into the Internet, until' they completely control all that you watch, hear, and then, even say.

It's not far off considering this case and also the case with YouTube joining up with the ADL to filter out their videos.

The U.S., is slipping into totalitarianism, without even realizing it...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Media & Barack Obama's Pick of Rick Warren.

I really wanted to stay away from the whole Rick Warren infactutation along with the Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich story because I really find them irrelevant to the " country " as a whole as opposed to the economy, bailouts, wars, etc.

Don't ask me why but I had my t.v. set to the Rachel Maddow show watching her pick apart at Obama's choice to pick pastor Rick Warren to lead the nation in prayer at his inauguration.

I decided to pick at this particular story because it really is pissing me off.

Pissing me off to the extent where I decided to waste time to vent on this issue and why I'm actually against people like Rachel giving stupid looks and acting surprised at Warren's statements on Gays, and other issues.

Watch this clip from earlier today where Rachel Maddow acts so surprised at Pastor Warren's words of opposing gays and other groups and even more shocked that Obama picked him. I'll give my points after...

I personally use to like her when she had guest spots on MSNBC instead of her own show.

First she takes a shot at Rick Warren for being against the " Gay " community and not allowing them into his church.

And? Where is the surprise here? In all monotheistic religions, Gays ( or sodomites ) are condemned. Look up the definition of the traditional term for " Gays " and see Sodomy and see what is known as Sodomy.

It is his website, his church, his followers. If they want to dress up with black clothes with neon green straps around their outfit,
isn't that their business? Granted, The next president of the United States is having him at his inauguration to lead in prayer but so what? How is it ok to want to be looked at as equals but not want to give the next person the same respect?

You are suppose to be the bigger person, as some parents would tell their kids, so why don't you be that bigger person?

Warren isn't a policy maker, he has no position or say in Obama's administration, so why act like he does?

She also mentions how Rick Warren said that " Gay Marriage is equivalent to child molestation & Incest "

It's equivelent as they are condemend by the Church and religion, not that they are the same " Acts "

This is the problem with ( and I really hate to use this word ) " Liberal/Far Left " commentators. It's ok when it favors your viewpoint but when it's not something you would do or stand for, you say what the opposing side says or thinks and don't explain why. This is why people who watch the news get one side of a story and not understand fully why the story is being told in the first place.

I guess I expect too much from the Media of today, to actually have two sides of a story for the viewer to come up with their own conclusion instead of the commentator.

Next one isn't in the clip but was broadcasted:

She basically went onto saying how associating with Warren is like the scenario that took place during the primaries with Rev. Wright.

Are you serious right now? I mean come on. Wright is a former military man, wright, in his own church, yelled dissent at the Policy of the United States where as Warren states his own views on his own website on his own time.

Did you people forget, this is a free country? Of course this applies to the media as well so Rachel can say ( along with any other media outlet ) whatever they please but, don't make it look like these are one sided people with one sided comments.

I'm from N.Y.C. and I am familiar with the Gay community, I know how some look at religion and religious figures so for people like Rachel Maddow, who is gay herself, to act so shocked or be a wise ass giving stupid looks when comments from someone like Warren come out, is juvenile.

Barack Obama said he's going to reach over and grab all corners of people and join in unity, obviously there are going to be those who oppose others but, what did you think was going to happen?

I don't mean to just pick on Rachel because other media outlets have made an issue about Obama's pick of Warren but Rachel is who I watched talking about the issue and she's been getting on my nerves since she got her own show.

I don't favor any religious figure being with the Head Of State at any ingratiation because It tends to lean a people one way over another but if it's done, so be it. If it doesn't change you or invade your personal space, then shut your mouth and live your life.

Peter Schiff On The Alex Jones Show " The Ponzi Scheme "

A quick post before the night is over...

Peter Schiff On The Alex Jones show 12-22-08

" There is a fire and the only way the government knows how to put it out is with gasoline. "

- Peter Schiff




Monday, December 22, 2008

Where Should YOU Put Your Money Before It's All Gone?!

Going through this economic down turn, it is no surprise that people are becoming very very distraught with investing in America at all. Whether it's the investment banks being bailed out to the Big 3 Auto companies, Americans don't know where to turn or even care to turn. Some are crossing their fingers and hoping for some change to come along like a wave of the wand and others are picking investments that will keep their purchasing power at a level.

Peter Schiff was on Kudlow & Company earlier talking about where to invest along with Mario Gabelli ( Gabelli Funds ) & Jack Cage ( Forbes Magazine )




If you didn't catch what Mario & even Jack Cage say before jumping into finishing what they are going to say, they sneak in how they agree with Peter lol.

Mario yells out before ending " Gold is fungible and it's global "
Peter then says " But it's real money "

Point being, anything is fungible that is a precious metal, so yelling that out is irrelevant isn't it lol

You gotta know that Mario & Jack deal with Wall Street and solely on the stock market ( exception to Mario who does invest in outside companies ) so it is their job to support the American economy, even when it's down.

That is why most times you will hear dissent on Peter's views from those who rely on American companies doing well for success to their own portfolios.

I hope you all will Invest & Invest wisely...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Arsenal of Hypocrisy * Film *

This weekends film is on something that many never looked into. The story of NASA and space exploration. How it coincides with the Military Industrial Complex.

This is definitely an eye opener for those that never knew of any corruption within Nasa before.


See You Next Week!


17.4 Billion...

Ah the wonderful government we have. They are always looking out for the people they serve, don't they?

With the recent news of the bailout package of the big 3 being reduced to 17.4 Billion, some say " Hey, atleast it's not the full amount of what they wanted! "

Yea, bonehead, you're right, that just means they will be asking for more down the line. Although next time, it will be excused because we gave them too little the first time.

People don't understand something. People complained about Universal Healthcare, and today, we are nationalizing everything instead!

I don't know how some people can type up stories or commentary on issues like these and keep their cool because right about now, I wanna break something.

Nothing is more discouraging as when the President most recently said:
"I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system"

And we're going to trust these politicians to do the right thing by bailing people out? Come on now, wake the f- up already people.

Oh, a last note, Don't think for a second that your guy " Barack Obama " is going to be any different. He's supported all the bailouts so far.

Change? Yea, sure... ok.

Earlier today, famed critic of government intervention, Peter Schiff was on CNN speaking against the bailout package and how it's going to eventually destroy the economy more so than the Great Depression ever did.

You might say " How does he know? " Or " Oh please, we'll get out of this with a new president! "

Here's a kick back into reality my friend.

Whether it is you or a government, the same economic principals apply.

In order to balance your budget, what do you have to do?

Save money
Eliminate excess spending

What is purposed by Obama?

He supports the bailouts
He supports tax increases on the people who provide jobs to the middle class

Point being, billions more will be added to the upcoming budget.

This isn't a knock at Obama or anyone, just a dose of reality.

Just put it this way, if you spent yourself into debt, how could you possibly get another credit card to spend yourself out of the debt you are in? You'd be putting yourself into another debt to pay the other debt with now wouldn't you?

As stupid as that sounds, that is how the government is going about things and it's up to the people to hold their representatives responsible before we're digging in the garbage for food one day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're Now Officially A Banana Republic.

Earlier today, The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to a record low. All I could say to myself is:

"How in the hell could we possibly get ourselves out of something by doing the thing that got us into this mess in the first place? "

The big reason we are in this mess of course, is what took place back in 2001 when Greenspan and the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to 1%. Now we're going to fix the current crisis by lowering it even lower?

Now you can see why this blog is titled " The Pissed Off Citizen "

The words of Peter Schiff earlier tonight on Kudlow & Company speaking about today's interest rate cut.

Peter Schiff makes a good point in saying " All this does it makes Ben Bernake to gain traction against Alan Greenspan to see who can be the worst Fed Chairman. "

* Highlight *

" We're now officially a Banana Republic "


On Mark To Market Accounting:

* Highlight *

" That is like blaming your fever on the thermometer "



* Highlight *

On Usage of Gasoline being another 5% less being used.

" I guess when you have no job you don't use that much gas because you don't have to go back and forth to work anymore. "

Another Highlight At * 6:40 *


Monday, December 15, 2008

U.S. Economy : The Philosopher's Stone

When I say " Pass this around and make sure every single person you know sees this " I mean it more than anything.

The video will speak for itself. Wake the fu** up!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR * Film *

This documentary probably gives one of the best explanations into why the Mainstream Media works in the way it does, distorts the truth and twists words to fit their personal agenda.

When you see foreign news agencies ( or independent ones like the Associated Press ) reporting differently than what you see on the television or read in the local publications, keep this documentary in mind for that next time.

See You Next Week!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Selling Seats In The Government Is The Serbian Way?

It seems that with every channel you turn to, every newscast seems to be all over the story about Governor Rod Blagojevich taking in bids on the President-Elect Barack Obama's Senate seat.

The headlines have not shot on over to Mr. Blagojevich's homeland of Belgrade Serbia.

"Naturally, a Serb comes up with a scheme to make money," laughed Svetlana Ciric, a 39-year-old book seller in Belgrade. "Only, it doesn't work there like it does here."

For more on the story, visit the AP article.

Blagojevich case makes headlines in Serbia

My personal take on it and how the MSM is going about this whole thing? I think it's more so a diversion from the real issues at play. The nationalization of our economic system.

Some of us use to go nuts over " Universal Healthcare " and now? Everything is going under the governments control.

It's much bigger than just a bailout or two, this is going into unprecedented territory and it's disgusting beyond belief.

I hope that people wake up soon and not just yap about it on blogs, comments, and forums and actually get up and use the power of having a representative democracy and hold their representatives responsible for these criminal actions.

Ron Paul On The Big 3 Bailout a few days ago.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

YouTube turning into a You Censorship?

Some would say that YouTube has been acting a little buggy in the past few months. YouTube ( like Google ) is always being worked on so that is what i would assume contributes to false readings of ratings, number of views and so forth but...

Now there Channel heads coming out saying that YouTube has been manipulating their hit counts, ratings and so forth.

The most recent I've come across is a YouTube user ( who is know amongst the Truth community ) named NuffRespect.

I won't talk too much about this topic, I'll let you listen in for yourself.

Here is NuffRespect on the Alex Jones Show recently talking about the censoring of YouTube & Google Video.



What can you do about this censoring? You can start easily by volunteering in the YouTube Blackout day.
The video below will tell you the details.

The YouTube Blackout 12-19-08

Monday, December 8, 2008

Anyone See This In The MSM News Lately?

Of course you haven't. We have to look to foreign sources for the " real " news, how pathetic is that?

Some of you might view this as " Oh please this is nothing, we've had troops on 9-11, disaster sites, etc. "

But U.S. Military? National Guard I can understand, that is their duty but when they start training & deploying U.S. Military onto the ground of the U.S. we have come into a police state my friends.

Better wake up soon people and stop reading about the news and...become the news.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Secrets Of The CIA *Film*

Here is a documentary I recently watched on the CIA. What makes this particular one is, this one is made up of mostly former CIA Agents who were involved in conflict dating back to Vietnam.

You will come to find out alot of disturbing information as you watch so watch with caution.

A very very informative piece of work but also explicit in images and explanations.

Enjoy, and of course, educate others...

See You Next Week!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

* Minor Update *

I've added a search feature onto the blog to make it a lot more cleaner, quicker, and convenient to search through the blog without going through the massive labels that were here before.

I was contemplating on putting it because maybe not everyone will remember a topic or two they look for so I'm all ears for those that favor labels over the search or vice versa. Contact me if you'd like...


Monday, December 1, 2008

The Tragedy In Mumbai & The Aftermath.

Last week's attacks in Mumbai were definitely a blow to the world to wake up to the realities of the complexities in the world.
Why do I say " The World " and not just India? Aside from Mumbai being a financial district where many outsiders invest in, this should send a message to policy makers ( especially in the U.S. ) that, As long as their is interventionism, there will be those who oppose oppression or intervention by foreigners.

No, you can't compare India to Iraq in the sense of rulers and countries but you can compare them when the U.S. considers intervening in the future to prevent attacks like these to happen.

I bring this up because I couldn't help but notice how it was reported that a passport was found that belonged to one of the suspects showing that he was from Pakistan.

I don't know about you guys but since when does a " terrorist " carry any form of Identification? If they do, since when is it real?

So to me, it definitely doesn't add up on a passport being found, linking one of the suspects to Pakistan.

Another thing that throws off the Pakistani link is a recent report that claims that the terrorists might have actually been from Britain!

Point of all this is, I really think people should really research those involved for themselves and not so much solely on the MSM on TV. They tend to give a nutshell explanation and make sure for you to remember a word or two in the massive amount of news that is told or " commentated " on.

For those that have passed or have lost loved ones, my condolences.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Irwin Schiff's Secrets of living an income tax free life

This weekend's film is, as always, an educational one.

This is Irwin Schiff ( Father of Peter Schiff ) on showing you, exactly as the title says: An Income Tax Free Life!

For those that aren't familiar with this man, he is a long time anti-tax advocate and lawyer.

More information here

Make sure to look at his record, this man is a real Patriot.

See You Next Week!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!

Will be back soon...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are The Markets Reactions To Tim Geithner Nomination?

In the first 3 1/2 minutes you have the talking heads distorting truth from reality and proposing more programs or bailouts, then Peter comes in with the " Reality Check " as always.

Pay attention at 6:45, It's going to make your head spin.

PT 1:

PT 2:

PT 3:

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Big 3 Bailout

The topic seems to be fading in and out of the media recently, especially today with with the new bailout for Citigroup

Was there even a vote or a debate on bailing out Citigroup? Wtf is going on here?!

This is beyond a heist, this is pure corporatism at it's peak!

Instead of the question of being " What else do we have to bailout " it seems it's heading towards " Who doesn't need a bailout? "

This is disgusting and is pushing us into the inevitable depression. The difference is, 1929 did not have 80% of what we have today. From entitlements, foreign policy maintenance, domestic policies, etc.

And Obama want's to give a few hundred bucks back to the people for the people giving up hundreds of thousands from their pockets. What a smack in the face that is.

Below are 2 part videos of Peter Schiff talking about bailing out the big 3 automakers from heading into a bankruptcy and how ludicrous it really is.

Put this note in mind, the government doesn't make anything to give anything. What they can do is transfer wealth. Tax one group and give to another.

You might say " The big 3 need the bailout because millions will lose their jobs! "

Right, and the people paying for the bailout aren't already breaking their backs and pockets to just stay afloat during this crisis?

There is no easy answer but only common sense. You create a business, you take on the risk of employing good or bad people, succeeding or failing. To think that you should have someone to hold you hand isn't a business but a training.

The purpose of truly free market capitalism is to succeed and fail. Even in life, you become the person who are destined to be through success and failure, learning from your failures and becoming a more careful, observant intelligent individual.

Bailing out is doing more harm than good in the end and we should NEVER reward failures.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama & The Danger Of His Middle East Policies & The Weekend Film: Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

I've said many times before, in previous posts, on how it made me sick to my stomach how people vote blindly without knowing a politicians policies, but never before like they have done for Barack Obama.

People voted for a guy solely on the words of " Hope " & Change " without looking into how it will come about, if it even does.

People picked Obama over Hillary but now see, Obama's Administration is going to be made up of who? Almost all of Bill Clinton's former administration. How about that for a smack in the face of reality for you Obama drones.

People voted for the man who they thought was the anti-war candidate, but in reality, he funded the war as much as every other politician has.

The video below goes into a good detail on exactly what Barack Obama's policy will be towards the Middle East.

Change you can believe in huh?

What can you do now? Use what you have within reach. We have a congress who is a representative of the people. It is time to utilize your right as an American and speak to your congressman and let them know of what you favor and oppose and make sure you come across to do a real " Change " otherwise, we will continue in this vicious circle. From the economic end to the foreign policy end.

Here is another video from an Iraqi who blasts John Bolton ( who was a part of the Bus Admin ) on the invasion of Iraq.

Below I've listed a film that coincides with the previous video and how, or why, people in the West view the Middle East a certain way. How the mainstream media uses technique to demonize the Middle East and not show in detail, the real problems going on there and why or how they exist.

Instead in the west we see Israel as a peaceful nation who can do no wrong and the Middle East as a bunch of maniacs who strap bombs and kill people for their own belief.

That is so far out from the truth, and this film will better explain on it.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Naomi Klein & Jeremy Scahill On The Hope Of Obama And The Reality Of What Could Be.

This clip was taken close to a week ago where Jeremy Scahill & Naomi Klein speak on Obama and his upcoming presidency.

This is a very very good clip that goes into detail of the Clinton Administration and how it was them who laid the ground work for George Bush's policies to, where Bush will stand in the world AFTER he leaves office.

Why talk about Clinton? Easy. If you notice, the people being put into the Obama administration come straight from the Clinton Administration.

Naomi is definitely more of the optimist in this video and Jeremy definitely comes out firing with straight reality.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MSNBC Becoming To The Barack Administration What Fox Was To The Bush Administration?

I bring this up today after noticing the way MSNBC has been reporting more in the ways that they use to criticize their rivals for: Favoring the Bush Administration, except, going for Barack.

First it began when I first saw the video of Chris Mathews saying that he will do everything he can to make his presidency work. This threw me off completely. It was one thing when Fox News would favor the Neo-Cons indirectly but Chris came flat out and announced his favoritism for Barack.

( Begins At 2:26 )

This pisses me off beyond belief. Why?

What happened to the real journalism? What happened to getting to the core root of issues and not be to the left or right.

Joe Scarborough points it out somewhat and I'm glad he did.

And most recently, Rachel Maddow was reporting on " How we should intervene in Pakistan ".

If you find this hard to swallow, you're not alone.

I mean, The Democrats were elected in 06' to end the war in Iraq.
Obama ends up winning the presidency because he is a Democrat.

And now the people who were anti-war and getting elected to end the wars are now pushing for further wars?

What is going on here? Have people really become so stupid that they are electing and becoming complacent, with the very policies they were so against during Bush's 2 Terms?

I mean, when are people going to wake up and stop holding hands " hoping " for " change " and do something about it?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Phil Berg On The Alex Jones Show: A Followup on the Obama Case

Phil Berg was on the Alex Jones show recently giving an update on the case against Barack Obama and the legality of him being the President Of The United States.

For those who aren't familiar with Phil Berg, He is a lawyer and a lifelong democrat from Philadelphia who began researching Obama when questions were raised on his birth certificate not being authentic. He later came to realize that the birth certificate Obama put on his website as proof was nothing more that a fabrication. Since then, he has been taking his case to the courts.

You can learn more and keep posted at:

Here is Phil Berg On The Alex Jones Show:

PT 1:

PT 2:

PT 3:

Friday, November 14, 2008

*Weekend Film* Loose Change: The Final Cut

Many of you have probably seen or heard about this documentary and some raised questions into the facts relayed through it. How true could it be if they made more than 1 part? Interviews were done where they retracted their previous statements in the films, so how can we believe what they say in this? And much more...

The makers of this documentary made multiple volumes for the simple reasons any film maker does: They find more evidence or the same but in a different light with the same conclusions.

Before viewing, you have to wonder, if this was so simple as 2 planes knocking the most important buildings in the world down, why are politicians so reluctant to answer simple questions that are brought before them?

You'd say: But there was a 9-11 commission who revealed the real case for 9-11!
Sorry, but that " commission " was headed and formed by the Bush Administration. Some were independent, ironically, those people were muzzled from the final book.

Here is the Final Cut version of Loose Change. Now see and understand why and how people could never rest until' the truth, in it's entirety, comes out on what happened on 9-11.

Have a great weekend!


The next time you see those opposing Peter Schiff, Remember This Video.

Here is something that really makes me stick to my title of this blog. Nothing pisses me off more than people who oppose others blindly without thinking things through.
I've posted a few videos and references on Peter Schiff telling people on how the Dollar is going to collapse and how he has warned for years on the upcoming housing crisis, while others, looked at him like a loon.
Here is a collection of videos, dating back to 2006, of Peter telling people what will happen and what we've come to today. As the title says: Remember this collection the next time you see Peter on T.V. telling it like it is.

If you notice, those who usually oppose Peter are those who are involved in the markets that Peter talks against. On that level, I understand people opposing, but it's very disingenuous to the viewer/investor who listens to them.

Always, and I mean always, research for yourself, outside the television and newspaper articles you read and come up with your own viewpoints.

People of the past use to do the most simplest things sometimes to come up with great changes for the future, two of them was reading and learning from history.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heads Up, Then Back Down... The Dollar Will Collapse.

It was one thing when people, such as Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, & other economists, were warning everyone about the inevitable collapse of the dollar. It seems now, it will become more of the conclusion to this story of warnings.

Here is Peter Schiff on his show, explaining how it is now going to come and why:


How can this be so inevitable? Simply Put into a list:

1. No spending is being cut by the upcoming administration
2. Wars will continue
3. Foreign Policy will continue
4. Our bases all around the world will be kept in tact, including Iraq.

Our foreign policy consists of 700 bases in over 130 countries = Near 1 Trillion Dollars a year.

Taxing businesses more will only hurt the companies which employ the middle class. So you have to ask yourself, is there really a " change " coming about? No

Word of advice? Get out of the dollar.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I usually never post on Sunday's but this event I just came across, Is too important to let it wait for another day.

There is a video on this upcoming event: November 22nd, 2008.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

*Weekend Film* Fiat Empire - Why The Federal Reserve Violates The U.S. Constitution.

This weekend I chose to post a film that speaks about none other than the main culprit of the current economic crisis.

Many people still don't understand that the Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express. It is hard for some to wrap their heads around the fact that this private bank controls our currency, economy, etc. and is AGAINST the U.S. Constitution.

"If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered."

Thomas Jefferson

If this version doesn't play, there is another below it that will.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Peter Schiff On Obamanomics

Peter Schiff has been on point with the prediction on the current crisis and now he's taking on Barack Obama's economic policies.

This is in detail, the harsh reality of what Barack Obama " Can't " really do but will " say " he will do.

Pay close attention to detail.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The New President Of The United States: Barack Obama

It's Official, The New President Of The United States Of America:

Barack Obama

Now, because this is my blog and this is my personal place to vent, I will say my part:

This is definitely, by far, a major achievement for all black people. I say black people and not African American ( as much of the Media says ) because he is of a mixed background. This has been more about a race accomplishment than anything else.

So for that, this is a historic event and a major victory on that end.

What I now wonder is this:

When the smoke clears and the campaign speeches end, will people see a trifecta control of the Presidency, Senate, & Congress as being a good thing?

Will Obama's foreign policy of going into Pakistan, Syria and threatening Iran really change?

Will anything really "change" or stay the same?

We will have to see if he sticks to his campaign rhetoric of just these things and sole support of Israel in the process or will he remember that:

This is the United States Of America
You have taken an Oath to the Constitution Of The United States Of America and not the World, Corporations, Or Anyone else but the "People".

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Common Sense: A Revolutionary Idea

When going into that voting booth, don't you for a second, Not even for a GOD DAMN SECOND forget what the founding fathers, the revolutionaries, the real people of change, went through and died for.

Why your families came to this country
Why they continued to strive for this country and their families
Why this still remains the greatest country in the history of civilization.

This is the United States Of America held together by the:

Bill Of Rights
Declaration Of Independence
And The Constitution Of The United States Of America * NOT THE WORLD *

Restore This Republic To The Way It Was Intended To Be, Otherwise, You will see an eruption arise that will be like nothing the world has seen ever before.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” .
- Edmund Burke

Monday, November 3, 2008

Will you be casting the right vote this coming election day?

Let's find out, shall we?

I felt it was my duty to better inform those of you that might be stuck or not sure on who to vote for this upcoming election.
Do not come away from this reading as " This guy just wants to discourage us" but, to understand why you will be voting for who you are voting for in the first place.

This election will probably be the most important and crucial time to vote than ever before. I can't stress it enough.
From the economy being on the brink of collapse, to undeclared wars waging in, of all places, the Middle East.
Keep in mind on the war that, it is an un winnable war, a farce if you will.

Here is the late Aaron Russo on the " War On Terror " farce.

Barack Obama on the one hand has said during the primaries that he was against the war and got voters to go for him because of it. Then in future debates to today, he says " We have to see the situation on the ground, we also have to keep a presence ( our base ) in Iraq.

Through history, there has never been a foreign country who was able to occupy and control the Middle East. That is another note to keep in mind when understanding that, a " presence " will no more end the war, than it will persist it.

Given the history of U.S. Foreign Policy and it's bias towards the Middle East, they have every reason to despise any kind of U.S. presence. Keep in mind, it is " Policy " to blame, not the " American " people.

In a nutshell for those who think Barack Obama is any different from George Bush on foreign policy, it has already been noted that his foreign policy will be almost identical to the Bush Doctrine.

This video below is a rant from a very informative, Davis Fleetwood on Barack Obama and the Bush Doctrine.

As for John McCain, I'm sure you have heard people say that he is a maverick or a rebel type because he goes by his own principals and at times, against his own party on votes and issues. That may be true but, if you hear on why he does, it is more so about " power " than it is about " principal "

Aside from voting with George Bush most of the time, he has one of the most liberal voting records, next to Barack Obama.
I hate using the word " liberal " but this is the one time that it fits the description.

I can write a book on the many reasons on why not to vote for McCain but, I won't.

You hear today of people ( the GOP ) calling Barack Obama a " Socialist " then the MSM laugh about it or brush it off as if it is so extreme to think a democrat could be such a type, but is it?

Obama wants to tax the rich and give to the poor and middle class. That, by it's nature, is socialism my friend.
That isn't all. He also wants to provide education to all, healthcare too all, and more.
Point being, in a perfect world, maybe this would make sense, as there would be no corruption, but this isn't a perfect world, and the only thing that has worked through history is..... Freedom.

Freedom to choose if you want something
Freedom to choose if you want to do something
Freedom to live, to work, to breathe to live your life by your own rules and not regulation.

Keep in mind that on the economy, it was government intervention in the first place that created the massive crisis we're in, not any " Free Market Capitalism. "

In a nutshell, if it were truly a " Free Market " then the companies that were so greedy ( as it is said ) would have collapsed with no help and new companies would have risen. That is a truly free market. Not bailing anyone out. Which by it's nature, is corporitism. ( a softer side of Fascism )

Those of you upset about the bailout, know that BOTH candidates voted for it.

The following video goes into great detail on how this economic crisis came about:

Bottom line, It is important to understand that while one candidate might preach on helping the people of America, it is important to know that they cannot possibly do all that they preach.

Both are going to have to raise taxes whether you like it or not, both preach on creating programs ( which will create new taxes )

Neither talks about cutting back any spending
Neither talks about changing the direction of our foreign policy
Neither talks about any crucial subject, aside from saying " The American People are tired of this or want this "

The following videos below will best summarize these two candidates that are seen to be some kind of change from the past candidates.

Watch these with an open mind and research what is said for yourself to see what is truth and vote tomorrow with your heart and soul and not solely on who's popular.

Here is the good Doctor, Dr. Congressman Ron Paul On Barack Obama's " Change "

Just so I don't favor the Republican over the Democrats, Here is Mike Gravel ( Former Democrat Alaskan Senator )

Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?

Who Is John McCain?

Should you feel stuck? Should you get disillusioned? Not at all.

There are the 3rd parties who are in the race.

For those of you who might say " Oh, That is a wasted vote "

I recommend you watch this video.

That video is, as you can see, of Chuck Baldwin ( Constitution Party )

The other 3 candidates running are:

Bob Barr ( Libertarian Party )

Cynthia Mckinney ( Green Party )

Ralph Nader ( Independent Party )

Let me also put my two cents to those who look at Obama and compare him to the late, Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama are no where near one another.
Pick up your jaw and listen closely.

Martin Luther King Jr, was more of a libertarian who believed in Individualism and not collectivism. What Barack ( and Democrats in general ) believe in is grouping people or collective theory. That whites get this, blacks get this and so forth.

MLK was all about Individual rights and the power for it to come through and break the barriers of color. Obama on the other hand want's to favor the middle over the rich and penalize the successful for the less fortunate.
That is not liberty, that is a form of tyranny.

Martin Luther King Jr. On America: ( Skip To 1:53 )

Come from reading this post as a more knowledgeable person, an individual voter not a group thinker but a free minded one.
Know that this election, unlike the many before, depends more so on just who looks great as a speaker but about the peace within the country and the world.

Vote Smart, Vote Wisely, And most of all...VOTE!

Friday, October 31, 2008

The War Of The Near Future...

First off let me begin with saying:

I have not seen anything or come across much that is really worth talking about. Aside from the usual antics of the candidates of who said what and how and so forth, everything else has been repetitive or just bland to even bring up...

I want to begin this one with the upcoming election day and about these 2, so called different candidates.

This election will probably be the most important crucial election that the U.S. has ever faced. Why?

This election is going way beyond simply electing someone based on a feeling, a hope, a dream of change. This goes into what the title of this post is, the war of the near future.

Today, whether you realize it or not, there is a hidden battle waging. Not with guns, bombs and bullets, but with Constitutionalists & Globalists.

Granted there have been battles within debate and exchange but today, more than ever, it seems that it is going to blow over into a mass scale and away from " just words " to a real " revolution " type of scenario.

Citizens of the United States are so relieved to have a candidate that isn't Bush that, they will vote solely based on great speeches and personality without realizing... they really don't know or understand what the person will implement or follow.

The reason I can easily say this is:

- The Democrats were elected in 2006 solely to stop the war, they haven't

- Obama says how he was against the war from the beginning, vowed to end the war at the beginning of the presidential race, and now says he has to see the situation on the ground and not pull out troops right away because it would be " dangerous " or " irresponsible " AND... Continues to fund the war that he was so against.

- If you look at his foreign policy, it is identical to the Bush Doctrine.

- All information isn't clear on Obama, from his place of birth of being born in Kenya, to associating with people like William Ayers.

- The many forgotten flip-flops of Obama

There is just so many unanswered things floating around that the average Obama Supporter doesn't even recognize or wants to hear. It really is sad. Very reminiscent of George Orwell's 1984.

Those in the media have been saying that the GOP has been calling Obama a " Socialist " and shocked or laughing at the fact that it's even brought up.

Obama said it himself that he plans to " spread the wealth " which, by it's nature, is socialism.
It discourages for someone to rise up, make more money tomorrow because of fear of being taxed even further.

He wants to penalize companies who outsource jobs. How does this make any sense? Instead of realizing that most companies who outsource, don't do it for being anti-American or against American workers but outsource mainly because of the volatility of the U.S. Dollar and to escape the regulations of the U.S.

Does his policy on anything make sense? Not one.

John McCain isn't alone in this because he preaches what Obama stands for, just not in an articulate way.

Both are for bigger government, both are for more wars, both threaten Pakistan & Iran, both VOTED for the bailout.

So, as you can see, there really isn't a major change. Here is the touchy one, the only thing that will is the color for the history books of past presidents.

Granted it is a long way that this nation has come to, to have the opportunity to have a black guy on becoming president but it should not be the sole reason to vote for someone.

Personally I see Obama as a socialist verging the country into Communism. People get scared or look at such words as old history, something that this great nation could never succumb to. All I have to say to that is, just look around and research the policies.

Nationalizing the banks, Healthcare for all, Tax progression of business to give back to the middle and lower class ( to have a level playing field ), and so forth.

No matter how many toppings you put ontop of a slice of pizza, it is still a pizza, just more enjoyable.

I go on and on about Obama and not so much for McCain simply because, McCain let's you know flat out that he either doesn't get it, has no clue or simply says flat out " There will be more wars. "

Bottom line, use this weekend to really research who you will be voting for and why. Voting for the " lesser of two evils " in the end is still, " Evil. "

On that note... Have A Safe & Happy Halloween.

I present the Weekend Watch: " Fabled Enemies "

" Fabled Enemies by Jason Bermas is the latest film to question the events of September 11th 2001. Instead of the focus being on physical anomalies surrounding the attacks, it focuses on a vast intelligence network and how they were able to succeed almost 7 years ago. "

* Note * As other documentaries that I have posted before, Watch this video with an open mind, otherwise, it can be get overwhelming.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend Film - Terrorstorm

If you haven't followed this blog ( or payed attention to detail lol ) I intend to post a film/documentary of great importance every week. Educational material if you will, for those who still are kept in the dark.

This weekend's film is " Terrorstorm " An Alex Jones Film.

Click on the image for more information.

Note: This movie may be overwhelming for some to take in or consider watching throughout due to the nature of details behind some of the most historical events in U.S. History & Foreign Policy.

Here Is Terrorstorm:

See you next week


Thursday, October 23, 2008

" All Those Greenspan Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost. "

Peter Schiff ( President Of Euro Pacific Capital ) has been an individual who has been warning for years, that we would be heading into an economic crisis ( and eventual collapse of the dollar ) for years.

For those of you that don't know, he was Ron Paul's Economic Advisor for his presidential campaign, who ( like Paul ) adheres to the principles of the Austrian School Of Economics.

* Just Added *

Ron Paul On Neil Cavuto earlier.

In a nutshell, for those that might not understand the " financial talk ", as time goes by, our dollar will decline, prices will seem to rise, and you will be working harder to stay afloat.
When you see gas prices go up, food go up, and everything else, don't blame the companies, blame the government. Address this to your representatives, tell them you want to REALLY stop the war, stop the bailouts ( if they voted for it, vote your official out of office ) and start working for their constituents again and not big business.

I've had people tell me that we have always go out of our recessions or problems before so there is no reason to worry. " We've done it in the Great Depression, and done so in the 80's ( Black Monday ) and the dollar has always stayed with us through these years. "

The difference from those times and today is very simple. Until 1971, we had a gold standard. What really got us out of the great depression was World War 2. Sad as that may sound but War use to actually be good for the countries economy at a time because the people of that country would buy War Bonds and make other investments into the countries military that would bolster it down the line.

In the 1987 Stock Market Crash, People in the U.S. were able to buy 30 year T-bills ( which would also have the dollar eventually level out ) and Paul Volker raised interest rates to over 20+%.

Today, none of this is occurring. Instead of us going into a real recession, we are being told to continue spending. There is even current talk about another stimulus plan!

Is it ridiculous? Absolutely. It is like a child who spends all his money and takes credit from his parents to spend more not learning what the value of what the child ever has. Except, with a parent, they have something of value to back up the money they lend, where as the Federal Reserve, is one big printing press, a creditor if you will.

The problem isn't deregulation or not enough government, the problem is too much regulation, too much government intervention. What is purposed today? More government to fix a problem they caused.

Through history, no matter what country ( or Empire ) that was on a fiat type of currency, all eventually collapsed.

As always, it is very important to learn from history. As George Santayana once said " Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. "

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The " Real " Debate Will Air Tomorrow Night!

Click on the flyer for more information...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Al Smith Dinner 2008 Feat. Barack Obama & John McCain.

I do realize this is a few days old but I had to give my two cents about this.

I have run across both McCain & Obama supporters who were glad to see their candidates " personal " sides, in laughter and ease from the " political " stage.
Granted, this was a good thing... or was it?

Personally, the way I came back to those who favored this event was:

" Do you honestly think there is a difference between them? Do you honestly believe they give a damn about you or me? Granted, Politics are politics and a person is a person but when the Nation is carrying on 2 wars, economy on the brink of collapse, houses being foreclosed, etc. This is what they choose to do? Laugh at the voters for believing there is a real change on the horizon. "

The United States of America has never before been in the position it is currently in, with foreign policy, relations, and soon... the economy and these two candidates choose to yuk it up with each other and of course, the Mainstream Media.

Don't ever wonder why real truth doesn't come out for either of these people when these people are backed up by the media giants.

From Barack Obama's citizenship in question to what John McCain really went through during his time in prison in Vietnam.

Now personally, the reason I bring these up is because I think on both ends, there is a lot of unanswered questions and if one of these men are to take the White House in January based solely on some speeches, more has to be brought out into the open for voters to really know who they are electing, aside from experience and a promise.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Speech You Probably Didn't See...

A few weeks ago, there was a visit by the president of Iran,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the United Nations.
The Mainstream Media announced it as usual with the usual
hate mongering, war propaganda commentary they usually do.
Just like his previous visit to Columbia, it was quickly
forgotten and dismissed as the U.S. Media could not spin it
in their favor.
What is their favor? War with Iran. Not " Americans " of course
but the powers that be in the administration and other allies
( England, Israel )
I posted his speech tonight for those that have not seen
( or heard ) about his visit, to fully hear for themselves of
what Ahmadinejad says for himself.
I spoke to a man earlier tonight who said " He says he wants
to wipe Israel off the map, we should have attacked them
instead of Iraq. " where I quickly refuted the claim as being
Iran want's no confrontation with such a Super Power nor'
do they have plans to
build a nuclear weapon. But yet,
the MSM uses every chance they get to try and manipulate
the facts for their own agenda to confuse the American
people and have us back their propaganda to invade
another sovereign country, which remember,

This is what makes me real sick, since Sept. 11th, 2001,
It is like we have become deaf, dumb and blind to
everything except the propaganda spewing from the
administration. If tomorrow they said a country is a threat,
we actually consider it. This is the most dangerous foreign
policy ever to exist and it is something people better wake
up fast to before our country is destroyed on behalf
of a
country that shouldn't even exist to begin with.

Don't ever forget that the founding fathers of this great
country fought against the tyranny of the British Empire
to not be controlled under them, let's not repeat the
mistakes that we have condemned in history.
This is the United States Of America, A Republic,
not a Democracy. The Constitution is written specifically
for us NOT to have alliances with other nations but only
to engage in diplomacy, trade and so forth. The constitution
should make more sense to the American people today,
now, more than ever.
Enough with my ranting on what this country should do
and be by law.
Here is the speech given before the U.N. Security
Council back in September of this year. Listen for yourself
and come up with your own conclusion and not what
the MSM wants you to think.

PT 1:

PT 2:

PT 3:

PT 4:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

John Stossel's Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics.

This is a weekend watch and a must watch at that!

I recommend that everyone you know, watch this video. No matter what party or politician you follow, this is an in depth look at:

- Campaign Financing
- Government Subsidies/Farming
- Disaster Relief 

And much more.



**** Note ***  The Final Coming attraction comes out wrong, the video continues for another 10 minutes!

Friday, October 17, 2008

*** Update ***

I will be re-doing the whole blog over the weekend. I haven't been posting alot of crucial stuff and will begin to do so next week.

If you haven't already, please RSS this feed to keep updated...

See you next week


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breaking: Another Bill For You Taxpayers!

If you don't know ( or haven't heard ) already, the insurance giant AIG has been bailed out by who? The Fed ( aka the American Taxpayer )
what a surprise I know. I never knew we were flourishing in wealth to just take tabs on companies on the verge of bankruptcy.

I looked over at my iphone for some world news, you know, to find out how this whole fiasco of a war that people just happened to forget about, is going. I come across this story and I think " Maybe the federal reserve bank is purposely bailing out these financial institutions while the American Taxpayer stays complacent and believing that it's the economy and the Republican Party at fault and not the Fed at all, to have people get into such a depression that the next president could implement the long awaited currency, The Amero.

Think about it for a moment, 2 years ago you would have laughed and said " you're crazy! Combining Canada, Mexico, & The U.S. into 1 currency doesn't benefit or make sense at all! "

We are becoming ( if not already ) Canada's mexico. People are working 3 jobs just to stay in the middle income bracket and NEITHER candidate is offering a " Real Solution " but more government intervention with programs and bailouts for homeowners and so forth. IT WAS THE GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT IN THE MARKET THAT CAUSED ALL THESE PROBLEMS IN THE FIRST PLACE!
* Sorry for the outburst but I'm getting sick of this, all we can do is focus on the 2 MSM Clowns talking about AD's and Lipstick on a Pig bullsh*t while the country's credit gets ruined, people are working harder for less, and think anyone is really going to help. *

Both Obama & McCain were for the bailout of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, and these people are looking for the American People's interest?
If you don't get what I mean, understand this:

These bailouts benefit wall street and CEO's more so than anyone else, it places the bill on the taxpayers which causes the prices to rise to pay back all these debts we have. Oil is high now? Food you say? Just wait.

My suggestion is to let all these institutions run their course, let them collapse, let the prices of homes collapse as well and let it fix itself, as the history of the free market has proven to show.

Sure we'll hurt for awhile but the hurt that we will feel down the line from all these bailouts will be far more greater than any single collapse of an institution could cause to an individual.

Like I said previously, this disgusting, socialistic for the rich, pattern that is going on is going to ruin this country to the point of no return and unless people get mad, and I mean REALLY MAD things will continue on this path to a catastrophic future.

Here is a video of Peter Schiff on the economy and market and the direction it's heading. Pay attention to Glen Beck at 2:45 when saying the companies will control the people, look up the definition of Fascism.

Monday, September 15, 2008

So you want Universal Healthcare?

Many people ( especially Hillary Clinton followers ) have wanted healthcare for all. Some people believe that no person should make a profit off another persons health. Just like the cops don't profit off protecting the citizen to the fire department for saving lives from a fire.

But what is right and ok and what is just plain wrong?

Is it right for me that I am healthy, workout every other day, take excellent care of myself to have to pay for the next guy who decides he wants to eat fast food, watch t.v. all day, not care for his health until' it's too late?

This is one argument that has been raised with those who are in favor and against healthcare for all.

Some countries have a government run healthcare system, such as Canada, France, Etc.
How can they possibly have this type of system and maintain it for so long? I mean, the United States of America is the most powerful and wealthiest country in the world, but they can't give everyone healthcare? Why?

One major thing the people in favor don't look at is, these countries don't have an excess of 300 million people, immigrants flocking here to work, an empire made up of 700+ bases in 130 countries to maintain, a country that is living by credit and not solid money, a country that today, spends more than it takes in.

I came across yet another report done by one of the best investigative reporters of the time, John Stossel.

This report is on Healthcare in America. He touches on the current broken system, Michael Moore's film sicko ( about universal healthcare ) and countries that do have a government run healthcare system.

The point of this report posting is this:

Whether you are in favor or against the government running the healthcare system, you will walk away from watching this and be able to make a better decision on the issue.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Why I Love & Highly Respect Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

There are so many reasons that I could probably write a book on this man and why I respect him so much. One day, I might just take a few moments and write up something.

Here is an excellent video that showcases Ron Paul through the years. From 1983 to present day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Probably The Best John Stossel Report I have ever come across.

This report that John Stossel did was done back around in the 90's during the Clinton Administration. It is on how big government does the complete opposite of what the politicians who endorse them say they will do. The report is entitled " John Stossel Goes To Washington. "

Keep this in mind ( and this report as it has been proven throughout history, that big government ( or government giving handouts ) is never the answer. Nothing is more powerful and productive than the Free Market.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Movie You Cannot Afford To Miss!

I came across this trailer recently and the trailer itself is made up of alot of things I have already come to know.

I'm really glad that a movie is finally being released on the U.S. economy and not some fabricated action movie.

Neither one of the Candidates ( Barack Obama, John McCain ) are truly addressing the economy. One stands by having programs to help those in trouble which in turn would double your current taxes and the other will add onto the debt instead of raising taxes. Not to different on economy now are they?

If ever there was a time to look towards a third party, the time is now.

If there was ever a movie to look out for, this is the one.

I warn you though, those that don't fully know the dealings behind the economy, get ready for a RUDE AWAKENING!