Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Media & Barack Obama's Pick of Rick Warren.

I really wanted to stay away from the whole Rick Warren infactutation along with the Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich story because I really find them irrelevant to the " country " as a whole as opposed to the economy, bailouts, wars, etc.

Don't ask me why but I had my t.v. set to the Rachel Maddow show watching her pick apart at Obama's choice to pick pastor Rick Warren to lead the nation in prayer at his inauguration.

I decided to pick at this particular story because it really is pissing me off.

Pissing me off to the extent where I decided to waste time to vent on this issue and why I'm actually against people like Rachel giving stupid looks and acting surprised at Warren's statements on Gays, and other issues.

Watch this clip from earlier today where Rachel Maddow acts so surprised at Pastor Warren's words of opposing gays and other groups and even more shocked that Obama picked him. I'll give my points after...

I personally use to like her when she had guest spots on MSNBC instead of her own show.

First she takes a shot at Rick Warren for being against the " Gay " community and not allowing them into his church.

And? Where is the surprise here? In all monotheistic religions, Gays ( or sodomites ) are condemned. Look up the definition of the traditional term for " Gays " and see Sodomy and see what is known as Sodomy.

It is his website, his church, his followers. If they want to dress up with black clothes with neon green straps around their outfit,
isn't that their business? Granted, The next president of the United States is having him at his inauguration to lead in prayer but so what? How is it ok to want to be looked at as equals but not want to give the next person the same respect?

You are suppose to be the bigger person, as some parents would tell their kids, so why don't you be that bigger person?

Warren isn't a policy maker, he has no position or say in Obama's administration, so why act like he does?

She also mentions how Rick Warren said that " Gay Marriage is equivalent to child molestation & Incest "

It's equivelent as they are condemend by the Church and religion, not that they are the same " Acts "

This is the problem with ( and I really hate to use this word ) " Liberal/Far Left " commentators. It's ok when it favors your viewpoint but when it's not something you would do or stand for, you say what the opposing side says or thinks and don't explain why. This is why people who watch the news get one side of a story and not understand fully why the story is being told in the first place.

I guess I expect too much from the Media of today, to actually have two sides of a story for the viewer to come up with their own conclusion instead of the commentator.

Next one isn't in the clip but was broadcasted:

She basically went onto saying how associating with Warren is like the scenario that took place during the primaries with Rev. Wright.

Are you serious right now? I mean come on. Wright is a former military man, wright, in his own church, yelled dissent at the Policy of the United States where as Warren states his own views on his own website on his own time.

Did you people forget, this is a free country? Of course this applies to the media as well so Rachel can say ( along with any other media outlet ) whatever they please but, don't make it look like these are one sided people with one sided comments.

I'm from N.Y.C. and I am familiar with the Gay community, I know how some look at religion and religious figures so for people like Rachel Maddow, who is gay herself, to act so shocked or be a wise ass giving stupid looks when comments from someone like Warren come out, is juvenile.

Barack Obama said he's going to reach over and grab all corners of people and join in unity, obviously there are going to be those who oppose others but, what did you think was going to happen?

I don't mean to just pick on Rachel because other media outlets have made an issue about Obama's pick of Warren but Rachel is who I watched talking about the issue and she's been getting on my nerves since she got her own show.

I don't favor any religious figure being with the Head Of State at any ingratiation because It tends to lean a people one way over another but if it's done, so be it. If it doesn't change you or invade your personal space, then shut your mouth and live your life.

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