Saturday, November 29, 2008

Irwin Schiff's Secrets of living an income tax free life

This weekend's film is, as always, an educational one.

This is Irwin Schiff ( Father of Peter Schiff ) on showing you, exactly as the title says: An Income Tax Free Life!

For those that aren't familiar with this man, he is a long time anti-tax advocate and lawyer.

More information here

Make sure to look at his record, this man is a real Patriot.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are The Markets Reactions To Tim Geithner Nomination?

In the first 3 1/2 minutes you have the talking heads distorting truth from reality and proposing more programs or bailouts, then Peter comes in with the " Reality Check " as always.

Pay attention at 6:45, It's going to make your head spin.

PT 1:

PT 2:

PT 3:

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Big 3 Bailout

The topic seems to be fading in and out of the media recently, especially today with with the new bailout for Citigroup

Was there even a vote or a debate on bailing out Citigroup? Wtf is going on here?!

This is beyond a heist, this is pure corporatism at it's peak!

Instead of the question of being " What else do we have to bailout " it seems it's heading towards " Who doesn't need a bailout? "

This is disgusting and is pushing us into the inevitable depression. The difference is, 1929 did not have 80% of what we have today. From entitlements, foreign policy maintenance, domestic policies, etc.

And Obama want's to give a few hundred bucks back to the people for the people giving up hundreds of thousands from their pockets. What a smack in the face that is.

Below are 2 part videos of Peter Schiff talking about bailing out the big 3 automakers from heading into a bankruptcy and how ludicrous it really is.

Put this note in mind, the government doesn't make anything to give anything. What they can do is transfer wealth. Tax one group and give to another.

You might say " The big 3 need the bailout because millions will lose their jobs! "

Right, and the people paying for the bailout aren't already breaking their backs and pockets to just stay afloat during this crisis?

There is no easy answer but only common sense. You create a business, you take on the risk of employing good or bad people, succeeding or failing. To think that you should have someone to hold you hand isn't a business but a training.

The purpose of truly free market capitalism is to succeed and fail. Even in life, you become the person who are destined to be through success and failure, learning from your failures and becoming a more careful, observant intelligent individual.

Bailing out is doing more harm than good in the end and we should NEVER reward failures.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama & The Danger Of His Middle East Policies & The Weekend Film: Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

I've said many times before, in previous posts, on how it made me sick to my stomach how people vote blindly without knowing a politicians policies, but never before like they have done for Barack Obama.

People voted for a guy solely on the words of " Hope " & Change " without looking into how it will come about, if it even does.

People picked Obama over Hillary but now see, Obama's Administration is going to be made up of who? Almost all of Bill Clinton's former administration. How about that for a smack in the face of reality for you Obama drones.

People voted for the man who they thought was the anti-war candidate, but in reality, he funded the war as much as every other politician has.

The video below goes into a good detail on exactly what Barack Obama's policy will be towards the Middle East.

Change you can believe in huh?

What can you do now? Use what you have within reach. We have a congress who is a representative of the people. It is time to utilize your right as an American and speak to your congressman and let them know of what you favor and oppose and make sure you come across to do a real " Change " otherwise, we will continue in this vicious circle. From the economic end to the foreign policy end.

Here is another video from an Iraqi who blasts John Bolton ( who was a part of the Bus Admin ) on the invasion of Iraq.

Below I've listed a film that coincides with the previous video and how, or why, people in the West view the Middle East a certain way. How the mainstream media uses technique to demonize the Middle East and not show in detail, the real problems going on there and why or how they exist.

Instead in the west we see Israel as a peaceful nation who can do no wrong and the Middle East as a bunch of maniacs who strap bombs and kill people for their own belief.

That is so far out from the truth, and this film will better explain on it.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Naomi Klein & Jeremy Scahill On The Hope Of Obama And The Reality Of What Could Be.

This clip was taken close to a week ago where Jeremy Scahill & Naomi Klein speak on Obama and his upcoming presidency.

This is a very very good clip that goes into detail of the Clinton Administration and how it was them who laid the ground work for George Bush's policies to, where Bush will stand in the world AFTER he leaves office.

Why talk about Clinton? Easy. If you notice, the people being put into the Obama administration come straight from the Clinton Administration.

Naomi is definitely more of the optimist in this video and Jeremy definitely comes out firing with straight reality.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MSNBC Becoming To The Barack Administration What Fox Was To The Bush Administration?

I bring this up today after noticing the way MSNBC has been reporting more in the ways that they use to criticize their rivals for: Favoring the Bush Administration, except, going for Barack.

First it began when I first saw the video of Chris Mathews saying that he will do everything he can to make his presidency work. This threw me off completely. It was one thing when Fox News would favor the Neo-Cons indirectly but Chris came flat out and announced his favoritism for Barack.

( Begins At 2:26 )

This pisses me off beyond belief. Why?

What happened to the real journalism? What happened to getting to the core root of issues and not be to the left or right.

Joe Scarborough points it out somewhat and I'm glad he did.

And most recently, Rachel Maddow was reporting on " How we should intervene in Pakistan ".

If you find this hard to swallow, you're not alone.

I mean, The Democrats were elected in 06' to end the war in Iraq.
Obama ends up winning the presidency because he is a Democrat.

And now the people who were anti-war and getting elected to end the wars are now pushing for further wars?

What is going on here? Have people really become so stupid that they are electing and becoming complacent, with the very policies they were so against during Bush's 2 Terms?

I mean, when are people going to wake up and stop holding hands " hoping " for " change " and do something about it?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Phil Berg On The Alex Jones Show: A Followup on the Obama Case

Phil Berg was on the Alex Jones show recently giving an update on the case against Barack Obama and the legality of him being the President Of The United States.

For those who aren't familiar with Phil Berg, He is a lawyer and a lifelong democrat from Philadelphia who began researching Obama when questions were raised on his birth certificate not being authentic. He later came to realize that the birth certificate Obama put on his website as proof was nothing more that a fabrication. Since then, he has been taking his case to the courts.

You can learn more and keep posted at:

Here is Phil Berg On The Alex Jones Show:

PT 1:

PT 2:

PT 3:

Friday, November 14, 2008

*Weekend Film* Loose Change: The Final Cut

Many of you have probably seen or heard about this documentary and some raised questions into the facts relayed through it. How true could it be if they made more than 1 part? Interviews were done where they retracted their previous statements in the films, so how can we believe what they say in this? And much more...

The makers of this documentary made multiple volumes for the simple reasons any film maker does: They find more evidence or the same but in a different light with the same conclusions.

Before viewing, you have to wonder, if this was so simple as 2 planes knocking the most important buildings in the world down, why are politicians so reluctant to answer simple questions that are brought before them?

You'd say: But there was a 9-11 commission who revealed the real case for 9-11!
Sorry, but that " commission " was headed and formed by the Bush Administration. Some were independent, ironically, those people were muzzled from the final book.

Here is the Final Cut version of Loose Change. Now see and understand why and how people could never rest until' the truth, in it's entirety, comes out on what happened on 9-11.

Have a great weekend!


The next time you see those opposing Peter Schiff, Remember This Video.

Here is something that really makes me stick to my title of this blog. Nothing pisses me off more than people who oppose others blindly without thinking things through.
I've posted a few videos and references on Peter Schiff telling people on how the Dollar is going to collapse and how he has warned for years on the upcoming housing crisis, while others, looked at him like a loon.
Here is a collection of videos, dating back to 2006, of Peter telling people what will happen and what we've come to today. As the title says: Remember this collection the next time you see Peter on T.V. telling it like it is.

If you notice, those who usually oppose Peter are those who are involved in the markets that Peter talks against. On that level, I understand people opposing, but it's very disingenuous to the viewer/investor who listens to them.

Always, and I mean always, research for yourself, outside the television and newspaper articles you read and come up with your own viewpoints.

People of the past use to do the most simplest things sometimes to come up with great changes for the future, two of them was reading and learning from history.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heads Up, Then Back Down... The Dollar Will Collapse.

It was one thing when people, such as Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, & other economists, were warning everyone about the inevitable collapse of the dollar. It seems now, it will become more of the conclusion to this story of warnings.

Here is Peter Schiff on his show, explaining how it is now going to come and why:


How can this be so inevitable? Simply Put into a list:

1. No spending is being cut by the upcoming administration
2. Wars will continue
3. Foreign Policy will continue
4. Our bases all around the world will be kept in tact, including Iraq.

Our foreign policy consists of 700 bases in over 130 countries = Near 1 Trillion Dollars a year.

Taxing businesses more will only hurt the companies which employ the middle class. So you have to ask yourself, is there really a " change " coming about? No

Word of advice? Get out of the dollar.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I usually never post on Sunday's but this event I just came across, Is too important to let it wait for another day.

There is a video on this upcoming event: November 22nd, 2008.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

*Weekend Film* Fiat Empire - Why The Federal Reserve Violates The U.S. Constitution.

This weekend I chose to post a film that speaks about none other than the main culprit of the current economic crisis.

Many people still don't understand that the Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express. It is hard for some to wrap their heads around the fact that this private bank controls our currency, economy, etc. and is AGAINST the U.S. Constitution.

"If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered."

Thomas Jefferson

If this version doesn't play, there is another below it that will.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Peter Schiff On Obamanomics

Peter Schiff has been on point with the prediction on the current crisis and now he's taking on Barack Obama's economic policies.

This is in detail, the harsh reality of what Barack Obama " Can't " really do but will " say " he will do.

Pay close attention to detail.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The New President Of The United States: Barack Obama

It's Official, The New President Of The United States Of America:

Barack Obama

Now, because this is my blog and this is my personal place to vent, I will say my part:

This is definitely, by far, a major achievement for all black people. I say black people and not African American ( as much of the Media says ) because he is of a mixed background. This has been more about a race accomplishment than anything else.

So for that, this is a historic event and a major victory on that end.

What I now wonder is this:

When the smoke clears and the campaign speeches end, will people see a trifecta control of the Presidency, Senate, & Congress as being a good thing?

Will Obama's foreign policy of going into Pakistan, Syria and threatening Iran really change?

Will anything really "change" or stay the same?

We will have to see if he sticks to his campaign rhetoric of just these things and sole support of Israel in the process or will he remember that:

This is the United States Of America
You have taken an Oath to the Constitution Of The United States Of America and not the World, Corporations, Or Anyone else but the "People".

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Common Sense: A Revolutionary Idea

When going into that voting booth, don't you for a second, Not even for a GOD DAMN SECOND forget what the founding fathers, the revolutionaries, the real people of change, went through and died for.

Why your families came to this country
Why they continued to strive for this country and their families
Why this still remains the greatest country in the history of civilization.

This is the United States Of America held together by the:

Bill Of Rights
Declaration Of Independence
And The Constitution Of The United States Of America * NOT THE WORLD *

Restore This Republic To The Way It Was Intended To Be, Otherwise, You will see an eruption arise that will be like nothing the world has seen ever before.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” .
- Edmund Burke

Monday, November 3, 2008

Will you be casting the right vote this coming election day?

Let's find out, shall we?

I felt it was my duty to better inform those of you that might be stuck or not sure on who to vote for this upcoming election.
Do not come away from this reading as " This guy just wants to discourage us" but, to understand why you will be voting for who you are voting for in the first place.

This election will probably be the most important and crucial time to vote than ever before. I can't stress it enough.
From the economy being on the brink of collapse, to undeclared wars waging in, of all places, the Middle East.
Keep in mind on the war that, it is an un winnable war, a farce if you will.

Here is the late Aaron Russo on the " War On Terror " farce.

Barack Obama on the one hand has said during the primaries that he was against the war and got voters to go for him because of it. Then in future debates to today, he says " We have to see the situation on the ground, we also have to keep a presence ( our base ) in Iraq.

Through history, there has never been a foreign country who was able to occupy and control the Middle East. That is another note to keep in mind when understanding that, a " presence " will no more end the war, than it will persist it.

Given the history of U.S. Foreign Policy and it's bias towards the Middle East, they have every reason to despise any kind of U.S. presence. Keep in mind, it is " Policy " to blame, not the " American " people.

In a nutshell for those who think Barack Obama is any different from George Bush on foreign policy, it has already been noted that his foreign policy will be almost identical to the Bush Doctrine.

This video below is a rant from a very informative, Davis Fleetwood on Barack Obama and the Bush Doctrine.

As for John McCain, I'm sure you have heard people say that he is a maverick or a rebel type because he goes by his own principals and at times, against his own party on votes and issues. That may be true but, if you hear on why he does, it is more so about " power " than it is about " principal "

Aside from voting with George Bush most of the time, he has one of the most liberal voting records, next to Barack Obama.
I hate using the word " liberal " but this is the one time that it fits the description.

I can write a book on the many reasons on why not to vote for McCain but, I won't.

You hear today of people ( the GOP ) calling Barack Obama a " Socialist " then the MSM laugh about it or brush it off as if it is so extreme to think a democrat could be such a type, but is it?

Obama wants to tax the rich and give to the poor and middle class. That, by it's nature, is socialism my friend.
That isn't all. He also wants to provide education to all, healthcare too all, and more.
Point being, in a perfect world, maybe this would make sense, as there would be no corruption, but this isn't a perfect world, and the only thing that has worked through history is..... Freedom.

Freedom to choose if you want something
Freedom to choose if you want to do something
Freedom to live, to work, to breathe to live your life by your own rules and not regulation.

Keep in mind that on the economy, it was government intervention in the first place that created the massive crisis we're in, not any " Free Market Capitalism. "

In a nutshell, if it were truly a " Free Market " then the companies that were so greedy ( as it is said ) would have collapsed with no help and new companies would have risen. That is a truly free market. Not bailing anyone out. Which by it's nature, is corporitism. ( a softer side of Fascism )

Those of you upset about the bailout, know that BOTH candidates voted for it.

The following video goes into great detail on how this economic crisis came about:

Bottom line, It is important to understand that while one candidate might preach on helping the people of America, it is important to know that they cannot possibly do all that they preach.

Both are going to have to raise taxes whether you like it or not, both preach on creating programs ( which will create new taxes )

Neither talks about cutting back any spending
Neither talks about changing the direction of our foreign policy
Neither talks about any crucial subject, aside from saying " The American People are tired of this or want this "

The following videos below will best summarize these two candidates that are seen to be some kind of change from the past candidates.

Watch these with an open mind and research what is said for yourself to see what is truth and vote tomorrow with your heart and soul and not solely on who's popular.

Here is the good Doctor, Dr. Congressman Ron Paul On Barack Obama's " Change "

Just so I don't favor the Republican over the Democrats, Here is Mike Gravel ( Former Democrat Alaskan Senator )

Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?

Who Is John McCain?

Should you feel stuck? Should you get disillusioned? Not at all.

There are the 3rd parties who are in the race.

For those of you who might say " Oh, That is a wasted vote "

I recommend you watch this video.

That video is, as you can see, of Chuck Baldwin ( Constitution Party )

The other 3 candidates running are:

Bob Barr ( Libertarian Party )

Cynthia Mckinney ( Green Party )

Ralph Nader ( Independent Party )

Let me also put my two cents to those who look at Obama and compare him to the late, Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama are no where near one another.
Pick up your jaw and listen closely.

Martin Luther King Jr, was more of a libertarian who believed in Individualism and not collectivism. What Barack ( and Democrats in general ) believe in is grouping people or collective theory. That whites get this, blacks get this and so forth.

MLK was all about Individual rights and the power for it to come through and break the barriers of color. Obama on the other hand want's to favor the middle over the rich and penalize the successful for the less fortunate.
That is not liberty, that is a form of tyranny.

Martin Luther King Jr. On America: ( Skip To 1:53 )

Come from reading this post as a more knowledgeable person, an individual voter not a group thinker but a free minded one.
Know that this election, unlike the many before, depends more so on just who looks great as a speaker but about the peace within the country and the world.

Vote Smart, Vote Wisely, And most of all...VOTE!