Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breaking: Another Bill For You Taxpayers!

If you don't know ( or haven't heard ) already, the insurance giant AIG has been bailed out by who? The Fed ( aka the American Taxpayer )
what a surprise I know. I never knew we were flourishing in wealth to just take tabs on companies on the verge of bankruptcy.

I looked over at my iphone for some world news, you know, to find out how this whole fiasco of a war that people just happened to forget about, is going. I come across this story and I think " Maybe the federal reserve bank is purposely bailing out these financial institutions while the American Taxpayer stays complacent and believing that it's the economy and the Republican Party at fault and not the Fed at all, to have people get into such a depression that the next president could implement the long awaited currency, The Amero.

Think about it for a moment, 2 years ago you would have laughed and said " you're crazy! Combining Canada, Mexico, & The U.S. into 1 currency doesn't benefit or make sense at all! "

We are becoming ( if not already ) Canada's mexico. People are working 3 jobs just to stay in the middle income bracket and NEITHER candidate is offering a " Real Solution " but more government intervention with programs and bailouts for homeowners and so forth. IT WAS THE GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT IN THE MARKET THAT CAUSED ALL THESE PROBLEMS IN THE FIRST PLACE!
* Sorry for the outburst but I'm getting sick of this, all we can do is focus on the 2 MSM Clowns talking about AD's and Lipstick on a Pig bullsh*t while the country's credit gets ruined, people are working harder for less, and think anyone is really going to help. *

Both Obama & McCain were for the bailout of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, and these people are looking for the American People's interest?
If you don't get what I mean, understand this:

These bailouts benefit wall street and CEO's more so than anyone else, it places the bill on the taxpayers which causes the prices to rise to pay back all these debts we have. Oil is high now? Food you say? Just wait.

My suggestion is to let all these institutions run their course, let them collapse, let the prices of homes collapse as well and let it fix itself, as the history of the free market has proven to show.

Sure we'll hurt for awhile but the hurt that we will feel down the line from all these bailouts will be far more greater than any single collapse of an institution could cause to an individual.

Like I said previously, this disgusting, socialistic for the rich, pattern that is going on is going to ruin this country to the point of no return and unless people get mad, and I mean REALLY MAD things will continue on this path to a catastrophic future.

Here is a video of Peter Schiff on the economy and market and the direction it's heading. Pay attention to Glen Beck at 2:45 when saying the companies will control the people, look up the definition of Fascism.

Monday, September 15, 2008

So you want Universal Healthcare?

Many people ( especially Hillary Clinton followers ) have wanted healthcare for all. Some people believe that no person should make a profit off another persons health. Just like the cops don't profit off protecting the citizen to the fire department for saving lives from a fire.

But what is right and ok and what is just plain wrong?

Is it right for me that I am healthy, workout every other day, take excellent care of myself to have to pay for the next guy who decides he wants to eat fast food, watch t.v. all day, not care for his health until' it's too late?

This is one argument that has been raised with those who are in favor and against healthcare for all.

Some countries have a government run healthcare system, such as Canada, France, Etc.
How can they possibly have this type of system and maintain it for so long? I mean, the United States of America is the most powerful and wealthiest country in the world, but they can't give everyone healthcare? Why?

One major thing the people in favor don't look at is, these countries don't have an excess of 300 million people, immigrants flocking here to work, an empire made up of 700+ bases in 130 countries to maintain, a country that is living by credit and not solid money, a country that today, spends more than it takes in.

I came across yet another report done by one of the best investigative reporters of the time, John Stossel.

This report is on Healthcare in America. He touches on the current broken system, Michael Moore's film sicko ( about universal healthcare ) and countries that do have a government run healthcare system.

The point of this report posting is this:

Whether you are in favor or against the government running the healthcare system, you will walk away from watching this and be able to make a better decision on the issue.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Why I Love & Highly Respect Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

There are so many reasons that I could probably write a book on this man and why I respect him so much. One day, I might just take a few moments and write up something.

Here is an excellent video that showcases Ron Paul through the years. From 1983 to present day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Probably The Best John Stossel Report I have ever come across.

This report that John Stossel did was done back around in the 90's during the Clinton Administration. It is on how big government does the complete opposite of what the politicians who endorse them say they will do. The report is entitled " John Stossel Goes To Washington. "

Keep this in mind ( and this report as it has been proven throughout history, that big government ( or government giving handouts ) is never the answer. Nothing is more powerful and productive than the Free Market.