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Empire - 'War on terror' through Muslim eyes

Empire looks at how al-Qaeda is perceived in the Muslim world. Does the US' so-called 'war on terror' serve only to alienate Muslims, driving them into the arms of extremist groups? Can the US reverse the tide of military intervention in the region and instead try to reach political solutions that involve all political parties, including repressed Islamic parties? We will also discuss whether the Arab world has an answer to the al-Qaeda challenge.

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Al-Qaeda and the Palestinians

Osama bin Laden has warned Barack Obama that al-Qaeda will attack again. In an audio tape he said there will be more attacks if the situation in Palestine is not resolved. But has the Palestinian issue ever been part of al-Qaeda agenda? And does the group serve or scupper Palestinian dreams?

Ron Paul On The Glenn Beck Show: The C.I.A. & Foreign Policy

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ron Paul on CNBC's Squawk Box: Debate on Bernanke and the Fed

Congressman Ron Paul schools Pennsylvania congressman Paul Kanjorski and the Squawk Box talking heads on the "merits" of the Federal Reserve.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti - A View From The Middle East

Did Arab countries come to their aid? Why was the U.S. & Israel Criticized?

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Gerald Celente anybody calling this a hearing is deaf

John Stossel On Obama's First Year

Catch John Stossel's new show on Fox Business every Thursday at 8pm EST / 5p PST!

*Bonus Below*

On John Edwards, Economy, Scott Brown,...And More

** Bonus ** On The View ( Note* They bombard him with so much, he doesn't even get a chance to finish 1 point lol )

*** Bonus *** - Global Warming

Peter Schiff on CNBC's Fast Money: China and Bernanke

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Timothy P. Carney on "Obamanomics": Crony Capitalism as Progressive Reform

In his new book Obamanomics: How Barack Obama is Bankrupting You and Enriching His Wall Street Friends, Corporate Lobbyists, and Union Bosses, Timothy P. Carney explains that Barack Obama's "progressive" rhetoric masks good old-fashioned crony capitalism, in which the favored few and politcally well-connected get all sorts of benefits paid for with public dollars.

Whether the area is Wall Street, health care reform, union organizing, or K Street lobbying, the same pattern is everywhere: using the government's power to distribute goodies and rig markets.

A columnist at the Washington Examiner and a non-partisan reporter, Carney also lays into the Republican Party for its massive contribution to the problem when it wielded power.

Carney provides a game plan to take the country back and restore truly free markets that will benefit everyone.'s Nick Gillespie interviewed Carney in December 2009.

State Of The Republic Address: Ron Paul

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Earthquake Strikes Haiti.

Israeli general Brigadier-General Uzi Eilam denies Iran is nuclear threat

A general who was once in charge of Israel’s nuclear weapons has claimed that Iran is a “very, very, very long way from building a nuclear capability”.

Brigadier-General Uzi Eilam, 75, a war hero and pillar of the defence establishment, believes it will probably take Iran seven years to make nuclear weapons.

The views expressed by the former director-general of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission contradict the assessment of Israel’s defence establishment and put him at odds with political leaders.

Major-General Amos Yadlin, head of military intelligence, recently told the defence committee of the Knesset that Iran will probably be able to build a single nuclear device this year.

Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, has repeatedly said that Israel will not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran. Israeli forces have been in training to attack Iranian nuclear installations and some analysts believe airstrikes could be launched this year if international sanctions fail to deter Tehran from pursuing its programme.

Eilam, who is thought to be updated by former colleagues on developments in Iran, calls his country’s official view hysterical. “The intelligence community are spreading frightening voices about Iran,” he said.

He suggested that the “defence establishment is sending out false alarms in order to grab a bigger budget” while some politicians have used Iran to divert attention away from problems at home.

“Those who say that Iran will obtain a bomb within a year’s time, on what basis did they say so?” he asked. “Where is the evidence?”

He has just published Eilam’s Arc, a memoir in which he reveals that he opposed the Israeli attack on Iraq’s nuclear reactor at Osirak in 1981.

According to well-placed defence sources, Israel is speeding up preparations for a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. Last week its defence forces released footage that showed training to refuel F-15 jet fighters in mid-air. “This was a warning not to Iran but to the Americans that we’re serious,” said an Israeli defence source.

But Eilam argues “such an attack [against Iran] would be counter-productive”.

“One strike is not practical. In order to delay the Iranian programme for three to four years, one needs an armada of aircraft, which only a super-power can provide. Only America can do it.”


Tehran blast kills nuclear physics scientist

An Iranian nuclear physics scientist has been killed in a remote-controlled bomb attack in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Dr. Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, a lecturer at the Tehran University and a staunch supporter of the Islamic Revolution, was killed in booby-trapped motorbike blast on Tuesday.

The explosion took place near the professor's home in Qeytariyeh neighborhood, in northern Tehran.

Iran's police and security bodies are investigating the terrorist case to identify those behind it.

Press TV correspondent Amir Mehdi Kazemi, reporting from the scene of the assassination, quoted security officials as saying that the equipment and system of the bomb used in the attack had been related to a number of foreign intelligence agencies, particularly Israel's Mossad.

Meanwhile, Tehran's Prosecutor Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi confirmed the assassination of the university lecturer on Tuesday morning and said that he taught neutron nuclear physics at the University of Tehran.

"No suspect has been arrested yet," he told the Iranian Students News Agency.

He added that Ali-Mohammadi was killed when a motorbike parked near his car exploded.

The terrorist attack came as Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist, went missing in the Saudi holy city of Medina while on a pilgrimage visit in June 2009.

In December, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast said Tehran had information that authorities in Riyadh had delivered Amiri to the United States.

He added that Amiri is among eleven Iranian nationals held in detention in US prisons.

It seems the kidnap and assassination of Iranian scientists is on the agenda of the United States.


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Ron Paul With Don Imus

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Israeli air raids kill one in Gaza.

Israel has launched air strikes against at least seven targets in the Gaza Strip, killing one man and wounding two others, Palestinian medics say.

The casualties in the early hours of Friday occurred near Gaza's border with Egypt where Israeli jets bombed two tunnels, which Palestinians use to smuggle goods into the blockaded coastal strip, medics and Hamas security officials said.

The air raids came after Israel said a dozen mortar bombs and rockets were fired from the Hamas-run territory into Israel. No casualties were reported from those attacks.

Israeli aircraft also hit three targets near Gaza City and two near the southern town of Khan Younis, striking empty buildings and open spaces, according to witnesses and Hamas officials.

Israeli media reports said Israel had targeted a weapons factory in Gaza City but the military had no immediate comment.

Al Jazeera's Ayman Mohyeldin, reporting from Gaza, said since Israel's war on Gaza ended last January, the Israelis have responded to mortar attacks from the Palestinian side with air strikes on various parts of the Gaza Strip.

On Thursday, Israeli jets dropped thousands of leaflets over northern Gaza and Gaza City ahead of the attack, warning many of the 1.5 million residents to stay clear of the heavily-secured border, after the mortars and rockets were fired into Israel.

The leaflets, in Arabic, said anyone within 300m of the border "will be in danger".

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Conspiracy Theory: Manchurian Candidate

MKUltra Info

Ron Paul On Rachel Maddow "Dems. & Rep. Are The Same!"

Rachel tries to make the issue, around the middle, about Dem Vs. Rep., typical mainstream media views, and what Paul does in return just.....well... you gotta see it for yourself. : )

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Is Ron Paul An Anti-Semite?

I made this mini video for YouTube earlier today. I will probably be making more to reveal truths behind popular topics, we'll see.

*Truth Series*
Recently, Ron Paul was on Larry King with Ben Stein discussing U.S. Foreign Policy. Stating how it is a major cause for terrorism towards the United States, in return, Ben Stein called his words "Anti-Semetic". This video will take, not the view points of just Ron Paul's, but the C.I.A., F.B.I., UNSCOM & A Former Israeli Minister. Let's see if Ron Paul is in the wrong, shall we?

Great, a New War to get into..... Yemen.

US warns of global Yemen threat

The US has offered to support the Yemeni government's fight against al-Qaeda, saying instability in the country could have "global implications".

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said on Monday that the US sees "global implications from the war in Yemen and the ongoing efforts by al-Qaeda in Yemen to use it as a base for terrorist attacks far beyond the region".

But Yemen's foreign minister ruled out direct US military intervention to tackle al-Qaeda fighters operating in his country.

"Yemen is going to deal with terrorism in its own way, out of its own interests and therefore I don't think it will counter fire," Abu Baker al-Qirbi told Al Jazeera on Monday.

Al-Qirbi said Yemen was happy to receive "development assistance" but not military intervention, adding: "The negative impact on Yemen is if there is direct intervention of the US and this is not the case."

'Not satisfied'

In her first comments since the attempted attack, she said the US administration was "not satisfied" with the Christmas Day incident.
Clinton told reporters after a meeting with Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, the visiting Qatar prime minister, that she would discuss additional steps with other US administration members this week.

"[We] will be meeting with the president tomorrow to go over our international reviews, to hear what others in our government also have concluded and to take whatever additional steps are necessary."

She said a meeting on Yemen planned to be held in London this month would give the international community a chance to assess both the threat in the Middle East country and the world's response.

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Hamas & Hezbollah Will Fight Together In Next War.

The Hamas political representative in Lebanon says the Palestinian resistance group will fight alongside Hezbollah should Israel launch a new offensive against Lebanon.

"We are guests in Lebanon and our policy will not change," Ali Baraka said during a memorial service held on Sunday to mark one week since the death of two Hamas members in an explosion in Beirut's southern suburbs.

"However, we are committed to resisting against Israeli occupation forces," he added.

"Israel should know that if it launches a new attack against Lebanon, we will not stand handcuffed. We will face the aggression side by side with our brethren in Lebanon — be they the resistance, the army, or the people, to repel the aggression," Baraka stated.

In July 2006, Hezbollah resistance forces fired on an Israeli patrol in the border area, killing three Israeli soldiers and capturing two of them. Israel responded by bombarding parts of southern and eastern Lebanon, then widened the bombing campaign to cover most of Lebanon in what became a 33-day all-out war between Hezbollah and Israel. Hezbollah retaliated with intense, daily missile barrages at northern Israel and as far south as Haifa.

Then Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert vowed to destroy Hezbollah's military capacity. Hezbollah pledged not to halt its barrage until Israel ceased its operations, which included widespread incursions into south Lebanon.

It was not until August 14 that a cease-fired brokered by the United Nations ended hostilities. About 1,000 people, mostly Lebanese civilians, were killed, and 1 million Lebanese civilians and some 300,000 to 400,000 Israelis were temporarily displaced. Both countries' economies suffered, although Lebanon's suffered far more since much of its infrastructure — roads, bridges, electricity and water plants — was damaged by Israel's bombing campaign.


Kurt Haskell On Delta Flight 253: The FBI Keeps Changing The Story.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scott Horton Interviews Ex CIA Philip Giraldi: Iran Documents FORGED!

Former CIA and DIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses evidence that documents contradicting the 2007 US National Intelligence Estimate on Iran are forgeries, the history of Rupert Murdoch-owned media passing along propaganda from Israeli and British intelligence, how bogus news stories create a deeply ingrained false narrative and distort public perception, the overwhelming Congressional support for warlike sanctions on Iran, the possibility Osama bin Laden is long-dead and how ending military occupations would almost completely eliminate terrorism.

Full Interview Here

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Ron Paul On WTMA ( The Southern Avenger )

A Look Back At A Decade Of Tyranny.

You always hear the left or those who make things a "Left Right" issue as calling ( what is considered ) to be the right ( or opposition to Obama and the dems ) as questioning those who cry out, saying "We're losing this country! We want our Republic Back, etc." then they come back with making fun or simply just dismissing the claims as "crazy, or racist".

Here is Alex Jones breaking down exactly how these "liberties" have been lost and/or compromised within the past decade.