Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rev. Wright Vs. Barack Obama & The Mainstream Media.

Rev. Wright: Barack is speaking as a politician, not  as himself.

Barack Obama: I do not see things the way he does, he doesn't know me that well after all.

MSM: Rev. Wright is a racist and making Anti-American statements. He is against America and not a patriot! 

Granted, this isn't exactly what was said word for word but it is an overview of what is going on today. Stupid, Isn't it?

The media, up to now, has been trying to dismiss all the " radical and racial " claims by anyone but now, they dive right back into it, what a game it is, isn't it?

Rev. Wright spoke yesterday at the National Press Club to dismiss the media's attacks on him, explain his words and his Church.

Personally the way I ended my view of this event was " He smacked every MSM outlet in the face with truth. "

Why? Because with every statement he made he backed up from why he stated what he did. People made him to be " radical " but he laid out in detail from where and why the statements were made. The MSM media made him out to be some Nazi type of individual who hates everyone who isn't black when this clearly wasn't the case.

All these people should be ashamed of themselves for making a man who served his country for 6 years in the military, became a pastor to serve his community, to look like some anti-white anti-semetic, racist person. Now they are saying " He says the government created aids, the government causes terrorism, etc. " and what did the good reverend do? Backed everything up with where he got his information from. Historical facts that bridge into his faith coming from the Bible.

I also have to side with the Reverend when he said that basically Obama was distancing himself from his words because he is a politician and not because of himself personally.

Now, the problem is, does this hurt Obama? It wouldn't have hurt him as much if he explained things in a certain way. Personally I wonder, whatever happened to Freedom Of Speech?

If Obama had simply said " Rev. Wright is at liberty to speak as much as he wants to about whom ever and whatever he chooses, Personally I see things differently I see things this and that way. " Instead Obama completely says his words are ridiculous and looks at them as being an embarrassment. Dissent is patriotic, those who follow silently get ruled by the few.

Wright speaks truth to bring people together and Obama speaks propaganda to do the same. People might not like the truth of Wright's allegations but if people would research his statements instead of just blindly reacting, the tone would be a lot different, I guarantee you that.

Obama shows clearly that he favors power over principles, status quo over real change and debate.

In conclusion, If people now don't see that Obama is an " Establishment " candidate by his actions, then they can stay ignorant & naive for the rest of their lives.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Meeting The Man, The Revolutionary, Ron Paul

Started off as a rainy & windy day here in N.Y.C. I was on 2 hours of sleep and my adrenaline was pumping because today was the day I was going to meet the next President Of The United States,  Ron Paul.

Today he was visiting the Borders Bookstore on  Wall Street to sign advanced copies of his book: The Revolution: A Manifesto.

I walked in  ( at around 12:30 P.M. ) with a cousin of mine to what seemed as a typical bookstore day ( if there ever was one. ) People walking around casually and about three workers standing at the front with a stack of Ron Paul's Manifesto Book. The workers handed over to me 2 copies of his book and directed me to the register, I waited for my cousin to get his stuff ready to get going onto the line of people ( I didn't see anyone at this time. )

Before we headed to the register to buy our copies of our books, who enters? Dr. Ron Paul
A huge loud roar abrupted from all 3 levels with everyone yelling " RON PAUL. "
My initial reaction was " Do something stupid, don't just stand there " but I can't lie when I say " I was just happy with knowing  I was finally seeing this man face to face. "

It sounds so childish maybe to have that initial reaction for anyone but this wasn't just anyone, this is the man who has woken up people to the realities of the political system. The real world in which we live in and not just label everything as " This is terrorism, they are bad and we are good. "
Initially after that picture was taken, I shook his hand and he continued to wave to everyone chanting his name then proceeded to make his way upstairs. We then purchased our books and was directed to where the line was, now I came across people. The signing was to begin at 1 P.M., the books were sold out before the signing began with people still standing, waiting for their books.

When we finally goto the line, it wasn't normal. If anyone knows the bookstore, it is huge. Three floors of books, audio, etc. The line wrapped around each bookshelf like one giant snake. You couldn't make a straight line with all these loyal Ron Paul supporters.

We even exchanged ideas with fellow supporters, that was an interesting note to point out. We didn't just stand and wait, people who didn't even know each other ( including us ) were all conversing with one another. Whether it was Religion or Politics, everyone was doing something. Not because I respect this man but things like this event show why this man really is Revolutionary. People who were tall, short, big, small, etc. were all talking to each other as an American supporter of Ron Paul, not as this or that person. 
Everything went smoothly throughout the day, even with the rain and flooding in the streets.

The way you picture Ron Paul to be is exactly how he seems to be, very modest and a real gentleman. It seems like to this day he really doesn't realize the amount of support he has. By the glow in his eye from how many people attended told the whole story.

As the line winded down to where I was coming up to get my book signed, I saw that I might not be able to have a lot of time with him to really thank him, so i managed to take some shots before getting up there.

There's more but I'm not going to flood the blog with pictures lol.

Then my moment came when I got to shake the hand of the man that got me into politics, into learning about monetary policy, foreign policy, etc. Dr. Ron Paul.

Happy? You better believe it! 

I wish the picture was a little better myself but hey, i had the privilege of meeting the man, that is all I need.

I leaned in that picture and whispering to him to give him thanks for the wake up call. He then shook my hand and  I leaned into him and said " Sir, It started with you & ends with us. " and in a soft tone he replied " That's Right! "

For those few seconds, it is to last a lifetime. There were some on the line not understanding certain things like " Isn't he out? How can he win? " I looked back at them and said " You see all these people? That is how he won. These are the future politicians, teachers, etc. with his message on their mind. " 

I said " This race wasn't intended for him to win, it was intended for the message to be brought out into the open. If it was intended for him to be president, he would run a third party and still try when in his soul, he is the true republican letting other republicans know " Not all of us have left you. "

So with this experience I say this: Pick up his Manifesto, read it, learn it, and understand it. Don't just buy the book to say you have it, buy it because you really want " change. " The book, as I skimmed through for now, is a wake up call to the realities of today. This isn't a book to give you a spin of what you know but to give you a kick in the head of what you might not know.

So in closing I want to say what I've said to Dr. Paul: " It started with you & ends with us, God bless you. "

Friday, April 25, 2008

While you stay asleep, naive to it all, we are about to goto war once more.

We think we can stay passive and think the government can do no wrong. It isn't entirely our fault because we have been conditioned in this way. From what we see on T.V. News daily to what we have read in school. We never read about our own government doing any wrong in anyway, until' the Bush Administration came into power.

Since this administration, we have managed to have the world against us, invade countries illegally, bring the economy to it's knees while people work 2 to 3 jobs just to make it. Yet, we are suppose to stay proud and " support our troops " and our commander in chief, no matter what. My friends, attitudes like the one this administration has brought upon us has been in the same strategical way as that of Adolf Hitler & the Fascists.

Whether it was Hitler doing things for the sake of the German people to Stalin expanding communism for the better of the people, history is said to repeat itself, and this is what is happening under the United States Flag.

From Hitler putting in the Enabling Act to George Bush putting in the Patriot Act, these are things done solely for the governments control over it's people in the name of " security. " It was a lie back then, today and will always be.

Here is a side by side of both acts for comparison. My apologies for the quality of the image but it was the best I could find.

Click Here For A Larger View

Scary isn't it?

In order to fix problems you have to address the root. You do NOT fix problems by crippling the people you are fighting for, what sense does that make?

The whole point of this is, we went with Bush to go into Afghanistan because supposably that is where Osama Bin Ladin was based with Al Qaeda. Then Iraq with Saddam Hussein came into the picture and some of us questioned this action. Some stayed silent because we would look as " Unpatriotic " or being on the side of the terrorists. That doesn't sound like the free country that we have known where criticism is needed for anything to improve?

I hope that the people living today don't keep this mentality as they have before. So passive and naive that they would think whatever the mainstream and Government tells you is the way it is, otherwise we will be heading into World War 3 sooner than you think.

The Bush Administration along with fellow Neo-Conservatives & the AIPAC Lobby, have been pushing for war with Iran, especially recently.
From citing that they have ambitions to create a Nuclear Bomb to destroy Israel to somehow it threatens our ( the U.S. ) national security.

You might ask " What did we ever do to Iran? Why would they want to attack us? "
Kind of hard to try and get an answer when there isn't one to support the Bush Administration's argument.
Iran has never invaded another country since the Persian Empire. The main cause for the U.S. wanting to remove President  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is for various reasons. 
1. Oil Interest
2. AIPAC's force of hand ( as Iran is a threat to Israel not the U.S., Hence Aipac pushing for military action )
3. Nuclear Ambitions - A Reactor was given to Iran by the U.S. to the Shah Of Iran, now they want it back.
4. Leaders Like Ahmadinejad don't bow down to the Western Powers by force or money, they value their people and country more than the dollar sign. The U.S. foreign policy makers hate people who have pride for their countries sovereignty.

Now what does any of this have to do with the U.S. if we followed our Constitution and minded our own business? Absolutely positively nothing. They are a 3rd world country who has never made a  threat to the U.S. or Israel or anyone for that matter. It is the Neo-Con & Zionist movement in the U.S. made up of a few elite individuals with alot of money and power who launch a propaganda movement through media and politics that fools the American people into thinking they are an actual threat.

This time around, think for yourself people, don't just sit by like sheep. Wake up and take action, don't just read this and spread a word or two. Take matters into your own hands and don't let the government take yours. 

" When The Government Fears The People, There Is Liberty. When The People Fear The Government, There Is Tyranny. " - Thomas Jefferson 

This monday I will be in Manhattan-Wall Street Borders at Pine and Broadway. The Borders Bookstore where Ron Paul will be signing advanced copies of his book "The Revolution: A Manifesto” The address is 100 Broadway, New York, NY 10005. If you go, see you there, Otherwise, have a great weekend and see you back here on Mondy evening :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gadgets, Gizmo's, Websites, & The Television.

The average 5 to 18 year old today has an attention span of about 10 minutes, with the years, it has been getting a lot worse.
At first, people would blame the television, too much time watching t.v. and not enough time interacting.
Then they blamed video games and so on and so forth. Blame everyone except the source, the parents.

Years ago, kids were actually kids. You'd go outside to the park, get dirty, break a thing or two, get scratched up, and goto sleep like a baby. Today, that doesn't apply. People are more tense, stressed out, constantly having something to do, even if it isn't that big of a deal.

Parents aren't even parents anymore, kids are doing tasks that parents can't even understand. ( downloading, browsing, etc. )
Parents are so absorbed with their own tasks that instead of being parents or teaching their kids right from wrong, they have them do the things they told them once NOT to do, ( Play video games, go on the computer, etc. ) just so they can have alone time.

We now live in an age of social websites like Twitter, Myspace, Etc. To phone services such as the iphone & sidekicks. All great inventions and a must have for a lot of people, BUT, they keep you in a box. You really aren't as connected as you once were.
People who use to see each other all the time, no longer do. People who use to go out to dinner, now send text messages saying hello. What once was an interaction of face to face, now is a ringing sound of an instant message.

We are talking to people all over the world but not seeing one of them. We are having a conversation with abbreviations and spell check to help. It is rare that today you will have an in-depth conversation with someone because their attention span has decreased so dramatically that they can't stay on the same subject without being distracted by one of their gadgets or gizmos one way or another.

We thought by buying these things that we would be able to do more in less time, what a joke that turned out to be.

Children don't see their parents, parents don't see their children. Meanwhile, everyone lives under one roof and no one talks to each other outside of their computers or gadgets.

The greatest writers, the founding fathers, the revolutionaries, and great minds all did the thing we can't stick to for more than 10 minutes.... READ.

I don't mean reading this blog or reading the latest magazine of whoever got caught eating a sandwich while spilling their soda and not knowing they are. I mean actually reading a novel of literature or history. To learn about why we are in the positions today that we are. The corporations and top people in charge of any country are happy about the individual staying ignorant, not able to join together but able to only talk on a message because they are too busy.

These things keep you ignorant and have you live for and in the moment and not think about the past, present, or future.

If you just think about when the last time it was that you actually spent time with your family or picked up a book ( outside of school ) I'm sure you're pondering it because it has been just that long.

We have become so self-absorbed to the point where, as long as our gadgets and gizmos work, the world can end tomorrow.

All these pills to cure so called " symptoms " of A.D.D. and Hypertension disorder, are only quick fixes to make believe symptoms. This strategy is no different than the smoker who smokes because it calms them down. The root of a lot of these symptoms is simple, do the things you once did or should do, be yourself again, not a text message.

Ask yourself this: When was the last time you read a book? When was the last time you researched about something that didn't involve something you have?

Do yourself and your children a favor, become a family again and shut off your stupid phone.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Pennsylvanian Primaries & The Media's Discourse.

So the main story today was about the Pennsylvanian primary between Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton. If this was going to be the end for Hillary or would she continue. Looks like she is sticking around for a few more weeks.
She managed to grab 54.6% to Obamas 46.4%, that's just wonderful, isn't it?

There was barely any to no reporting on the Republican race, I mean why would they, it's only Ron Paul, John McCain & Huckabee?

It seems that on the Republican end, Mike Huckabee got around 12% of the votes while Ron Paul got 16%.

What does this mean? It means that Republicans are really torn and really do not want John McCain to represent them in the general election, considering that 12% of the voters voted for a guy who has been out of the race for a few months now.

Ron Paul on the other hand, is going all the way to the convention.

If John's advisors are giving him notes from what the mainstream media is telling him, he is laughing up the battle between Hillary & Obama.

The tactics being used, not only by Hillary's camp, but by the mainstream media, have everything going everywhere with John McCain campaigning gleefully.

The MSM ( Mainstream Media ) is purposely adding fuel to the fire of the democratic party by purposely bringing up issues that have nothing to do with their political positions. From Rev. Wright to Hillary's Universal Healthcare or her lies ( maybe the lies might be a problem ) these are all well done designs to throw off the voter.

A voter should vote not based on popularity but by how an individual states their case to their record, not by what crowd they speak to in the moment.

The Mainstream Media had the assumption from the beginning that Hillary and McCain would be at the final moment, they did not expect people to appreciate Obama as much as they have done. Even though Obama is associated with some organizations that are anti-american sovereignty, they don't want a multi-ethnic background man in the white house.

I personally don't think his color plays as much of a role as does his background. The color is one thing but his background can influence his view on countries that the special interests would like to benefit from. ( Special interests : Bankers, Lobbyists, etc. )

It does all seem like one big movie with you wondering " Where's the popcorn? " But try and stay focused and vote wisely. It is time to start paying attention to details and not what the mainstream media confused you with. Whether it be a blouse Hillary wore or Barack not wearing a pin. In the end, it is your pocket, your family, your country and your rights to look out for.

Check out the video below. It was done by a team of Ron Paul supporters. NO I'm not just putting it because it is Ron Paul, but, I am putting it because the message he speaks in this video
is in fact what this country has become. No one else is speaking about the real issues but are masking them instead with more political propaganda of " Hope " & " Change "

This country doesn't need " Hope & Change, " It needs a " Kick " in the " Ass " with reality.

It is time to wake up...

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Hypocrisy in the media and the Ron Paul run for the Presidency.

Ah the mainstream media of today. The more that the internet becomes the premier place of knowledge of the youth, the more they try to manipulate their current viewers to think that any information outside of what they tell you, is absurd.

Perfect example of this is none other than Faux News ( Fox News ). They have become the hardcore neo-conservative media outlet that caters to corporations & the publics discourse to dismiss those with a " free-think " view as loons and those with their agenda as " patriotic. "

Keep this one note in mind: Neo-Conservatives ( Like this current administration ) are NOT real Republicans. They are Fascists in the disguise of Republicans.

Many out there can write novels on this particular station, but I won't waste my time on their disgusting antics of cutting peoples mics off, shouting down their guests, and using movements that a well trained person of Neuro-linguistic programming ( NLP ) could easily identify them as using to manipulate their viewers. Crazy? " Attention to detail " my friends, it is key.

I won't just throw Faux news into the red herring, alot of other major outlets are involved in this same discourse, just not as fierce as the entities owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Let's pick MSNBC, any show you'd like that consists of roundtables with what you'd think are consistent of rational debate.

On the one hand you have these media types dismissing and disgusted on how Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton are being portrayed. You know what I mean, " She's a female, He's a black man. " They speak on how they can't understand in the year 2008, we can't get passed these prejudices, yea, no kidding genius, it's all your fault.

Those who never dealt with racism and prejudice  are for the first time seeing it being thrown down our throats as if the year was 1950. The media constantly mentions " the black voters, the white voters " and then wonder why people themselves will mention it? What kind of damn hypocrite are you, seriously? 

That is like people talking about gum and saying how bad it is 20 x's a day then wondering why people still talk about gum, it's disgusting.

The purpose of news organizations use to be about " Reporting the news " or getting to the bottom of something to find the root to where this particular news stemmed from, not to throw stuff in your face to make you think things that have nothing to do with the other, that my friends is what you call propaganda.

Whether Barack is a Black Muslim or Hillary is a crying woman, what does that have to do with running a country? The voter ( hopefully this time around ) has to realize that the media knows nothing and the records speak for themselves.

Just like parents today who tell their kids, " Be careful who you hang around with or you will become just like them. " That same scenario applies to politics. Politicians running for a presidential position have advisors ( their friends ) who guide them on pretty much everything they do. They will ultimately decide what route the President will go along and which policies he will bring up and so forth.

In a nutshell to each candidate:

Barack Obama's Foreign Advisor -  Zbigniew Brzezinski. This is the man responsible ( along with the C.I.A. ) for what we know today as Al Qaeda. This is the man who had Bin Ladin train fellow Taliban to go after the Soviets in Afghanistan during the Cold War. Barack, change? 

Hillary Clinton's Foreign Advisor's are not yet picked out. I tried to research but it seems she is going to go with the same team as her husband had. She did vote for the war no matter how many times she says " I did not know this administration would attack. " That should be enough of a reason. Let me just throw in that during Bill Clinton's administration, he had sanctions put on Iraq in order for the people to over throw the Saddam regime. For 10 years, the U.S. led bombing attacks and let over 600,000 children die due to lack of medicine. 

John McCain's Foreign Advisor's consist of hardcore neoconservatives that are for continuing the war. There is too much to be said but, John is making it well known by his statements of keeping a presence in Iraq and his best quote of " There will be more wars. "

All three of these individuals are for continuing the war and global governments. They are all for a Real-ID Act, something similar to how the Nazi's would identify people in Germany. All in the name of " Security. "

Keep in mind people, this is the United States Of America, the most powerful nation in the world. No country is attacking us today, tomorrow, or ever without us provoking them.
Do you really think that a third world country would attempt? Seriously, think about this realistically. An individual doesn't hate anyone unless they are provoked, one way or another.

Finally on those candidates, they all have ties with the AIPAC lobby. This is very very important to understand. AIPAC is 1 of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington. They have a heavy influence on our foreign policy. From the war in Iraq, to threatening Iran, this is all for the benefit of Israel and nothing more nor' less. People resent us for their support not because they are " Jewish " but because they are run by Zionists who established Israel as an apartheid State. That is something you definitely won't hear on the mainstream media anytime soon, look who owns the major corporate media and news publications. This doesn't take some " Anti-Semitic " to point this out, it is right there if you just look for it.

Zionists are no more Jewish ( traditional followers of Judaism ) than the Neo-Conservatives are Republican. It is very important to keep that in mind to be able to understand the differences.

This is the United States Of America, Not of Israel, nor' Saudi Arabia nor any country that is not under the U.S. Constitution, It is that simple. 

Finally, to the final candidate still in the race ( but snubbed by the corporate media ) Ron Paul.
The lone voice of the constitution in the race. This man has been a Congressman for over 30 years with a consistent record. The one guy who actually follows the rules, somehow he is blackened out by the media. It is like a student who got straight A's by studying and applying himself to all of the sudden having his peers with C & D grades, never listening to the teacher,  running the school. How does this happen?

Corporatism which is a softer tone for Fascism. There are a lot bigger powers dictating what you read, understand, listen to what they see as for you to only know as truth. In reality, it is truth to keep you at a certain level while they do business by your ignorance behind your back.

Check out this video I came across by T.V. Producer: Jerry Day. It shows a very good detail of how the mainstream media ignores Ron Paul, despite his popularity.

Most people are passive today, when you ask someone " Do you realize how the income tax is illegal, the war is illegal, etc. " they  answer " Hey, I'm not into politics, they all lie, I'm just looking to get paid and move on. " 

That is how discouraged people have become. The lack of knowledge the people have these days is frightening.

In conclusion, things like this are what make me one " Pissed Off Citizen. "
We are now a nation to start wars, we are at a point where our great grandchildren will be working to pay for what our generation has consumed, and for what? So we can walk around with an 80gb Ipod, the latest flat screen, the latest tivo to catch the latest reality show, to goto sleep and dream while everything this country has been made up to be diminishes slowly? 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

And so the blogging begins... Pope, Ivy League & Hypocrisy.

Before getting into things, I'd like to mention first that I will try and maintain at least 1 post per day. I suggest you subscribe in the RSS to keep updated and of course, vote for me at the bottom ;-)

Now let's get this started * Cracks knuckles *

The big news this weekend all over the tube was the Pope's visit to N.Y.C. Everything seemed to go smoothly as far as traveling and visits, which is always good. I'm not a cynic but this is NYC with a highly known figure in a time where this particular government has everyone fearing for their lives about every little thing.

It seems that there were mixed reviews on his arrival. Some saying that it is a great thing, others wondering, why now? 

Personally, I look at it as a mixed blessing in this sense: In the time we are in ( Labeling Muslims as terrorists, claiming Iran is building a nuclear bomb to bomb everyone, etc. ) that we would have the Pope to rise and say " Everything will be ok because I say so. "

Why would I see it this way? Simple. There was no record of the Pope doing what Jesus would do, call an end to the illegal war and really bring the worlds together instead of addressing sex scandals to people who tomorrow will still be scared from what happened to them as children.
Granted, it is a good thing he did it but this could of been a historical moment, but it wasn't. It turned into another visit, another prayer, another day gone by.

I'm not going to spend too much time on the Pope, God bless him and all that good stuff, good thing he did what he did but just a bit let down there wasn't more done.

Another thing I wanted to bring up was what I saw tonight on the CNN Newsroom, Rick Sanchez's show. He was at the University Of Pennsylvania speaking with Ivy League students about politics and the candidates.

These students are Ivy League so you'd expect intelligent answers from them, nope, not even close.
There wasn't anything different from the answers they gave than what you hear the mainstream media ( MSM ) give on their reporting.
Ex: " If we leave tomorrow, there will be greater chaos. Maybe we are causing the problem and should leave, etc. etc "
Mind you, these individuals that are voting for Obama or Hillary want the troops out and the war to end and those ( of course ) that want to stay and continue, are going for McCain.

To those of you that don't understand what I have against this, I'll explain.

John McCain is a self explanatory individual, he is no more Republican than Ralph Nader. He goes with the flow of his current advisors and lobbyists, he is consistently on record for flip flopping and even so much to saying the wrong people are involved for certain things ( ie. Al Qaeda In Iran. )
I can go on and on about McCain but I won't waste my time on this guy. I suggest you even go search for " Vietnam Vets Against McCain " for even further detail on his Vietnam days.

Now we go into Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton, what separates these two?
The biggest perception about the democratic party and these two candidates is that they are against the war and will end the war tomorrow, not true.
Democrats have always started the wars and the Republicans have ended them. Whether it was the Korean, Vietnam, Etc.
But you say, We are ready for " Change! " so is everyone else, Republican & Democrat but you won't get it from establishment candidates who raise 40 million dollars in 1 month.

Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton are both on ( and in ) world organizations such as the Council On Foreign Relations, they are both for Nato, the WTO, and so forth, which in turn means, they BOTH have a vested interest in being in the area.

It seems if you ask any person voting for Hillary or Obama into why exactly they are voting for them, they usually don't give a straight forward answer. They might favor 1 thing in a list of 10 and settle for just that ( ie Healthcare, Change logo, etc. )

They have both said it in past debates where they need to keep a presence ( a peacekeeping force ) to maintain stability in the region, but not through war. 
Let me tell you something, People all over the world ( especially in that region ) despise us because of just that, we are on their land dictating how to live, what to do, etc. instead of letting them live their own lives their own way.

We have this arrogance about us ( our foreign policy ) that we feel we have to force people to do what we want them to, if they don't, we sanction & bomb them until' they submit.
If they never do, we label them as terrorists. From Chavez of Venezuela to Castro of Cuba, the facts are all there if we just take the time to read a little more instead of being so absorbed in our ipods and cellphones, gadgets and gizmos.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said " Don't let anybody make you think that God chose America as his divine messianic force to be a sort of policemen of the whole world. "

Wake up, read a book, start researching and use that brain that God gave you, don't let it goto waste with ignorance and obedience for forces that will smile in your face and rob you blind of your wealth and freedom.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Who the hell is this pissed off citizen?!

I figured, to get this blog started I should probably kick it off with somewhat of an introduction.

I’ve never been into blogs, thought at first they were kind of stupid. I looked at them basically as an online diary being viewed by the whole world. To me at least, that is how they seemed to start. I never saw it going to the levels it has today where, with everyday, they’re more and more becoming responsible for the publics discourse.

I’m not going to ramble on about blogs ( or blogging ) but I’ll try to sum it up in a nutshell where I’m coming from with my views and comments on things.

Born and raised in the Bronx, I come from a family of political figures, activists, war heroes & persecuted individuals. I can’t go into too much detail other than I always hated politics and never understood the anger between people because of the topics, until now. 

The older I got, the more I began to get into studying and reading historical/political books. Everything from ( don’t jump when I say this ) Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kempf to Noam Chomsky’s Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance (The American Empire Project). 

Personally, I don’t feel one can argue or debate politics if they don’t know ( or understand ) both sides of the story. That wouldn’t be fair and balanced lol ( pun intended ).

As far as political figures, it should come as no surprise when I tell you that I am a strong supporter of Ron Paul. No offense to anyone that might take a look at this when I say this ( by the way, I’m going to piss off a lot of you at times but I’m pissed myself so I’m being generous in doing so by wanting you to join my club lol ) It seems that the more ” educated ” voter would be going with someone Like Ron Paul and not jump onto the popularity wagon of going for Obama or Hillary.

It is sad how the country has gone throughout the years with the Republican party becoming the new Facisct party & the Democrats not too far off but more on the Socialist side.

In conclusion, I am not some professor of political science, nor’ am I some scholar of sorts. I am just the pissed of citizen with a blog who wants to let loose so, expect some harsh words ( explicit at times so make sure you’re 18 & over  ) and criticisms from yours truly.