Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rev. Wright Vs. Barack Obama & The Mainstream Media.

Rev. Wright: Barack is speaking as a politician, not  as himself.

Barack Obama: I do not see things the way he does, he doesn't know me that well after all.

MSM: Rev. Wright is a racist and making Anti-American statements. He is against America and not a patriot! 

Granted, this isn't exactly what was said word for word but it is an overview of what is going on today. Stupid, Isn't it?

The media, up to now, has been trying to dismiss all the " radical and racial " claims by anyone but now, they dive right back into it, what a game it is, isn't it?

Rev. Wright spoke yesterday at the National Press Club to dismiss the media's attacks on him, explain his words and his Church.

Personally the way I ended my view of this event was " He smacked every MSM outlet in the face with truth. "

Why? Because with every statement he made he backed up from why he stated what he did. People made him to be " radical " but he laid out in detail from where and why the statements were made. The MSM media made him out to be some Nazi type of individual who hates everyone who isn't black when this clearly wasn't the case.

All these people should be ashamed of themselves for making a man who served his country for 6 years in the military, became a pastor to serve his community, to look like some anti-white anti-semetic, racist person. Now they are saying " He says the government created aids, the government causes terrorism, etc. " and what did the good reverend do? Backed everything up with where he got his information from. Historical facts that bridge into his faith coming from the Bible.

I also have to side with the Reverend when he said that basically Obama was distancing himself from his words because he is a politician and not because of himself personally.

Now, the problem is, does this hurt Obama? It wouldn't have hurt him as much if he explained things in a certain way. Personally I wonder, whatever happened to Freedom Of Speech?

If Obama had simply said " Rev. Wright is at liberty to speak as much as he wants to about whom ever and whatever he chooses, Personally I see things differently I see things this and that way. " Instead Obama completely says his words are ridiculous and looks at them as being an embarrassment. Dissent is patriotic, those who follow silently get ruled by the few.

Wright speaks truth to bring people together and Obama speaks propaganda to do the same. People might not like the truth of Wright's allegations but if people would research his statements instead of just blindly reacting, the tone would be a lot different, I guarantee you that.

Obama shows clearly that he favors power over principles, status quo over real change and debate.

In conclusion, If people now don't see that Obama is an " Establishment " candidate by his actions, then they can stay ignorant & naive for the rest of their lives.

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