Friday, May 2, 2008

Ron Paul, The Manifesto,

I haven't posted up in about 2 days simply because what has been on T.V. and around has been bland and repetitive: Barack Obama, Rev. Wright and now Hillary's advisor making racial remarks about Indianians. Do I give two sh***? No.

Moving along to what has been new or worth talking about: The release of the book entitled " The Revolution: A Manifesto " written by: Dr. Ron Paul.

I got my autographed copy a few days ago when Mr. Paul was visiting here in N.Y.C. on the 28th of April. I decided to save that one and pick up another copy to read and ended up picking up his other book: A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship.

Why am I mentioning these books and not maybe Barack Obama's book or Hillary's? Simple, We are looking for a leader to lead our country, not someone who were looking to fall in love with. Someone who has a consistent voting record with unchanged principles. Someone you could look up videos on from the 80's who speaks the same exact word for word way as they do today. It's rare to find a politician who speaks the same day by day let alone for many years.

The books I mentioned are not meant to be biased as a Ron Paul supporter but they are mentioned because Ron Paul simply states the case in his manifesto on how this country was originally intended to be. He uses examples of today and what is going on compared to how it could be if we just simply followed the law of the land, The Constitution Of The United States Of America. So I speak of them as Dr. Paul does, for a knowledgeable revolution.

I will write more in depth in a later time once I get through these reads but I suggest you pick them up. I warn you ahead of time, If you are easily dramatized then pass them, stay in your ignorant world of bliss and keep wondering why prices are high and your salary is barely covering the same expenses from a year ago. Or, pick up this Manifesto and learn the truth of what the role of government ought to be, why this is a representative democracy and not suppose to be a Socialist Or Fascist country. Why the founders cherished Liberty and NOT Democracy.

Here is Ron Paul on CNN's the Situation Room today, watch how Wolf Blitzer throws in the comment " the last time we saw the word Manifesto on a book, It was used on the communism book. " This is a war on your mind, not just propaganda. Study again, research if in doubt, Empower yourself with truth.

" Truth is Treason In The Empire Of Lies " - Ron Paul

Have a great weekend.

See You Monday


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