Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A thought on 9/11.

Being that I coined the term " The Pissed Off Citizen " I thought I'd shed my own light & view point on a topic that is consistently brought up to this day, the 9-11 story.

Many of us have come across the many videos and documentaries on the net either stating how 911 was an inside job or how the inside job theory is wrong. Mass confusion on those who have no firm belief on which is right and which is wrong. Personally, I have viewed and have heard many debates on this issue and knowing what I have gathered, I can see how someone who hasn't followed the events as I have, to be easily confused or annoyed.

My personal belief is, If I were someone who did not know about both sides of the story, I'd definitely be pissed if someone came out of nowhere screaming how it was an inside job. I think in order to get the message across the right way, you have to become what you despise most, your enemy.

As with any strategist, you have to think like your opponent, walk like them, talk like them, move like them to get inside their circle and do the most damage. If you come out screaming, you will look as just that...a person screaming.

Personally, do I believe it was an inside job? I have a strong belief that it most certainly was. Not because of how the buildings fell and where they were hit or the molten steal at the bottom of the WTC, but because of the many stories of Firemen and Policemen that day reporting how they heard explosions instead of just a crash. That leads into my strong point here: The first thing that came across George Bush's mind was to put into act the Patriot Act.
Liberties & Rights have been taken away temporarily throughout history ( even in the U.S. ) going back to Abraham Lincoln.

I can't think of a logical reason of why a president of a nation would be so quick to disable so many rights of his own people to go into war, it just doesn't make sense.
Mind you, this act was already written up long before September 11th. The Neo-Conservative ideology is very Wilsonian added with some Corporatism which is a softer form of Fascism.

You might say " There might've been terrorists in our own country! They might have been plotting another attack! We needed the security! " That is called paranoia my friends.
Don't forget, this is the United States Of America, a country has not attacked us in over 250 years, a group of thugs can attack anything at any time no matter what the law is. To impose a law that oppresses their own people would only strengthen terrorism by making it's own people mad over time, not help the situation.

I wanted to bring this up because I came across this video and It got me thinking to post up about an event that is too big too just be complacent about. You should get mad that any time someone challenges anyone on 9-11 that they are labeled as " Crazies " or " Lunatics. " We have the Freedom Of Speech to have the right in it to criticize those who govern us. Dissent is patriotic, don't ever forget it.

I could go into a whole list of more details into why I believe this event was done solely for the Neo-Con agenda to advance on their true goals ( a 1 world government ) from the government giving off contracts to private industries in Iraq ( from military to medical ) to enacting acts such as the Patriot Act & the Military Commissions Act.

I have a gut feeling that a revolt will occur. I have a feeling that the people will get so fed up that they will want their country back, I just hope it won't be too late when it does happen.

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