Friday, May 9, 2008

Monetary Policy and why is it important to know?!

This post right here will probably be one of the most important reads  you will ever come across, so it is important you make the time to read this in detail, watch the videos to then fully understand why our country, economy, etc. is heading the way it is. MONETARY POLICY!

I was watching the Faux business channel yesterday and saw Peter Schiff speaking on the dollars' condition and where we are heading in our prices with oil, food etc., as you might anticipate, it doesn't look good.

In case you are saying to yourself " Oh but we are going to have a CHANGE in November because BUSH will be out! " How do you expect that this will happen when the value of the dollar is declining and not because of the presidency? This is a problem that has been heading our way since Alan Greenspan was in control of the Fed, not just recently. You have to understand one very crucial thing when you hear politicians promise change and programs to help the people: THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PRODUCES NOTHING SO THEY CAN GIVE NOTHING.

You might be wondering, " Where does this money come from that they request? The billions for health, energy, etc. "
Here is a little surprise for you: " The Federal Reserve, which is a private bank not federal at all, print up the money and give the politicians their asking amount, the government then taxes you the people to pay back the interest on their money borrowed from the Federal Reserve. " " This then devalues the dollar because it is being printed in excess and causes the purchase power to decline. " It means the money in your pocket looses it's value, like I am taking a dollar out of your pocket every so often.

You are paying for your politicians programs to help you, crazy huh? It is like me going to a bank and taking out money then charging you interest for buying you something lol.

If this isn't criminal to you, then go back to sleep and dream another day. The Federal Reserve Bank is an unconstitutional bank which in turn makes it illegal.

Now since I haven't posted yesterday, I am making up for it today with these videos ahead. These videos explain in detail how our monetary policy ( the way our dollar really works )

It is very very important you learn todays way of Monetary Policy, otherwise you will never understand why prices are raising on every scale, why the prices really aren't raising but are actually the same but our dollar is loosing it's value, and how the INCOME TAX IS ILLEGAL!

Enjoy this weekend's videos and I hope to return to individuals with a newfound knowledge.

Here is yesterday's video, an excerpt of Peter Schiff on Fox Business talking about where our dollar is heading... Brace Yourself!

This video is a nutshell version of what Gold to the Dollar is in todays world. Why the dollar was suppose to always be backed up by Gold & Silver by the Constitution and not to become a line of credit the way it has become today. Your jaw will drop.

Gold Vs. Dollar

If you have the time, * Scratch that * MAKE THE TIME to watch these 2 documentaries, it is VERY VERY Important! These two videos are more in depth and a more extensive tell all on how the Federal Reserve came to be and how our monetary policy today has become just a line of credit, yes I said credit, worthless piece of paper.
Empower yourself and learn the truth, maybe next time the people of this once great country won't be so quick to accept needless multi-billion dollar wars, illegal taxes & institutions and continue the revolution.

Money, Banking & The Federal Reserve.

America: Freedom To Fascism

See you next week


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