Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Republicans Vs. The Neo-Conservative Movement.

If you have noticed at times on here I have said the Republican Party of today are the New Fascists because of their Neo-Conservative ways. Their leadership of Fascists with Bush, Cheney, etc.  to their think tanks who are in the Neo-Conservative mold ( AIPAC,PNAC, Etc. ) who have manipulated the Republican Party to become this monster and a shadow of it's former self.

The Republican Party has gone away so far off from their traditional stand points of being Constitutionalists and small government conservatives to running on platforms very close to that of Democrats, all in the name of September 11th, 2001.

It is real easy to look at the Bush Administration as the real republicans and traditional Republicans ( such as Ron Paul ) as people who should be a part of the Libertarian Party and not that of the Republicans today. That is if you are still in the dark of what defines both. What exactly is a Republican and what exactly is a Democrat. 

Republicans traditionally have always been small government people, it is their platform of keeping out of foreign affairs, staying out of peoples lives and let people be free. It has always been the Democrats platform to have entitlement programs for the less fortunate and expand the governments reach in every form.

As Ron Paul has said in many debates, " Republicans were elected to stop the Korean War, Republicans were elected to stop the Vietnam War. There is a strong tradition of being anti-war in the Republican Party. "

Where did it all go? What the hell happened? 

A small select few called the Neo-Conservatives hi-jacked our foreign policy and have manipulated the American People into thinking that the Republicans of today must goto war with countries to protect America in order to prevent another 9/11.

From corporate media ( Fox News, New York Post, etc. ) to the speakers of the administration, they have all pumped up these statements of Iraq ( a third world country ) of being an eminent threat with weapons of mass destruction ( Which we sold to him back in the 80's by the way ) and planning to take over the whole Middle East. Iraq only had a history of invading one country ( Kuwait, in which was a part of Iraq before England cut it off for themselves to serve their oil interest. They also let the U.S. know of this future task before invading ) 
and going to war with Iran ( which was a territory dispute that the U.S. backed both sides of the conflict and gave arms to both sides. )

Now, I can go into much more conflicts in which the U.S. was involved or pushed for but that is for you to crack a book on and learn a thing or two if you haven't already. Is America that bad? Are the American people to blame? NO!

It is policy that is at fault, not the American people. It lies in the hands of a select few who have managed to gain power by persuasion  and payoff deals.

Here is a video I came across that I'd like you to check out. It is a very perfect example of exactly who is behind the " Neo-Conservative Movement " and how they have managed to gain the power they have and use it against the American People to manipulate policy to what it has become. 

It is time for the American People to take their country back. 

" A Nation Of Sheep Will Beget A Government Of Wolves " - Edward R. Murrow

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