Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cut The Federal Gas Tax? Great! But how great exactly...?

This story has been floating around now for a week or 2. The proposal to cut the Federal Gas Tax  to help the consumers in the time of this sluggish economy by saving a few cents. A few cents does add up but to make up for this tax, the government plans to give a windfall profits tax to the companies instead.

How does this help or hurt anyone? It helps the consumer for a short time but puts a smoke screen on other problems they face ( Cost of living, food, etc. ) and hurts business. Granted, the oil companies make millions to billions a year but to tax a profit because your business is doing well is a very Marxist way of going about things. No company should have to hurt by the United States Government because the government chooses to be irresponsible. The government is at fault here not the companies nor' OPEC or any other affiliate of these companies. 

The United States Government is responsible entirely for the high prices. The price of everything, not just oil, is high and going higher because of entitlement programs, the war, etc. which is causing the overspending which in turns causes the Fed to print more money to fund these operations ( and the fact we have to borrow even more from foreign countries to stay afloat ) which causes the  value of the dollar to decline and explains the high price of general living going up.

If you compare Oil to Gold, Oil is steadily priced, it barely moves, But because we have a Fiat Currency and a bank ( The Federal Reserve ) that can print money out of thin air, an endless war, this won't go away anytime soon and until' we realize the root of the problem, we won't be able to rid of this problem to not occur again down the line, whoever is president.

Here is Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul On Neil Cavuto Today talking about the Gas Tax cut. 

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