Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The beautiful discourse by the Mainstream Media.

I have the T.V. tuned into MSNBC as I see the projection for Hillary Clinton winning yet again. She is projected to win West Virginia. I never do understand these projections, why they even exist. I could understand if individuals conducted projections but for MSM to basically announce a winner and throw in the word of " a projection " is very stupid.

When a station ( maybe this is their intention ) announces a projection, I can't help but take into account that maybe this would discourage voters who haven't voted just yet. Maybe people who haven't voted just yet are getting the numbers on their cellphones or some other devices then changing their votes. 

There have been times ( especially during this race ) where entrance polls don't add up to exit polls and vice versa. Maybe I am over analyzing but it seems very coincidental. Personally, I don't care for polls, especially those polls that take place by calling a voters home who must have a land line, and have voted before which consists of up to 2,000 people.

I also see the roundtables a lot of times mentioning that  people in record numbers have registered to vote and turning out to vote and so forth, but so what?
People aren't voting simply because there is a Woman or a Black man running, they are voting because people are so desperate for a real change. Unfortunately, the headliners ( Obama, Clinton, McCain ) are not going to change anything. I have spoken about this previously into detail in a previous post in April so you can look it up there.

Now, in case you are wondering why I said headliners and not the candidates in simply because, the mainstream media fails to mention Ron Paul still being in the race. I'm real glad that as a Ron Paul supporter myself that winning the presidency does not matter as much as spreading the " message of freedom . " 

I'm not going to ramble on about anyone specific because as much as I do favor my candidate, I do try to remain open to other peoples views and respect their decisions, just when casting that vote, know why you are. Don't do it because you think your guy/girl might win, do it because their record, speeches, etc. make perfect sense to what your needs are.

I saw this video earlier today that I found very interesting, why Ron Paul's run really is a revolution and not like any other presidential run since the days of Washington, Jefferson, Etc. 
This was on Fox News and they were talking about how there might just be a revolt at the GOP Convention in favor of Ron Paul.

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