Friday, May 30, 2008

AIPAC - The Israel Lobby * Weekend Film *

I decided to post this must see documentary on the heavily influential Israeli Lobby in the United States.

Why does the U.S. goto war in the Middle East so quickly? Have you ever wondered for a moment, why do our leaders say we are threatened by Middle Eastern countries who happen to be Israel's enemies?

This documentary will definitely have you drop your jaw to the realities of our political system and why our foreign policy is not the " American " way but actually the Israeli Foreign Policy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ron Paul & The Revolution Beat Out Obama & Clinton In Idaho.

Nope, that title isn't wrong at all. Shocking? Maybe.

As the days continue to get closer to the general election, the movement continues to get stronger. This is just another showing into how this country really wants a revolutionary change and not just " talk " of change.

This primary is a very important one, the numbers clearly show that the Ron Paul supporters out voted Barack's & Hillary's by a good margin.

Keep in mind, Ron Paul's campaign is strictly a grassroots movement.

" For The People, By The People "

- Future elections will never be the same. 

940 of 940 precincts - 100 percent

x-John McCain 87,341 - 70 percent

Ron Paul 29,741 - 24 percent

Uncommitted 7,974 - 6 percent

940 of 940 precincts - 100 percent

x-Barack Obama 23,973 - 56 percent

Hillary Clinton 16,117 - 38 percent

Uncommitted 2,042 - 5 percent

Keith Judd 734 - 2 percent

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A thought on 9/11.

Being that I coined the term " The Pissed Off Citizen " I thought I'd shed my own light & view point on a topic that is consistently brought up to this day, the 9-11 story.

Many of us have come across the many videos and documentaries on the net either stating how 911 was an inside job or how the inside job theory is wrong. Mass confusion on those who have no firm belief on which is right and which is wrong. Personally, I have viewed and have heard many debates on this issue and knowing what I have gathered, I can see how someone who hasn't followed the events as I have, to be easily confused or annoyed.

My personal belief is, If I were someone who did not know about both sides of the story, I'd definitely be pissed if someone came out of nowhere screaming how it was an inside job. I think in order to get the message across the right way, you have to become what you despise most, your enemy.

As with any strategist, you have to think like your opponent, walk like them, talk like them, move like them to get inside their circle and do the most damage. If you come out screaming, you will look as just that...a person screaming.

Personally, do I believe it was an inside job? I have a strong belief that it most certainly was. Not because of how the buildings fell and where they were hit or the molten steal at the bottom of the WTC, but because of the many stories of Firemen and Policemen that day reporting how they heard explosions instead of just a crash. That leads into my strong point here: The first thing that came across George Bush's mind was to put into act the Patriot Act.
Liberties & Rights have been taken away temporarily throughout history ( even in the U.S. ) going back to Abraham Lincoln.

I can't think of a logical reason of why a president of a nation would be so quick to disable so many rights of his own people to go into war, it just doesn't make sense.
Mind you, this act was already written up long before September 11th. The Neo-Conservative ideology is very Wilsonian added with some Corporatism which is a softer form of Fascism.

You might say " There might've been terrorists in our own country! They might have been plotting another attack! We needed the security! " That is called paranoia my friends.
Don't forget, this is the United States Of America, a country has not attacked us in over 250 years, a group of thugs can attack anything at any time no matter what the law is. To impose a law that oppresses their own people would only strengthen terrorism by making it's own people mad over time, not help the situation.

I wanted to bring this up because I came across this video and It got me thinking to post up about an event that is too big too just be complacent about. You should get mad that any time someone challenges anyone on 9-11 that they are labeled as " Crazies " or " Lunatics. " We have the Freedom Of Speech to have the right in it to criticize those who govern us. Dissent is patriotic, don't ever forget it.

I could go into a whole list of more details into why I believe this event was done solely for the Neo-Con agenda to advance on their true goals ( a 1 world government ) from the government giving off contracts to private industries in Iraq ( from military to medical ) to enacting acts such as the Patriot Act & the Military Commissions Act.

I have a gut feeling that a revolt will occur. I have a feeling that the people will get so fed up that they will want their country back, I just hope it won't be too late when it does happen.

Friday, May 23, 2008

- Memorial Day

Remember for what we should fight, not for why we do.

To " Defend " our liberties, country & freedom and just that alone.

See you next week. - TPOC

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Republicans Vs. The Neo-Conservative Movement.

If you have noticed at times on here I have said the Republican Party of today are the New Fascists because of their Neo-Conservative ways. Their leadership of Fascists with Bush, Cheney, etc.  to their think tanks who are in the Neo-Conservative mold ( AIPAC,PNAC, Etc. ) who have manipulated the Republican Party to become this monster and a shadow of it's former self.

The Republican Party has gone away so far off from their traditional stand points of being Constitutionalists and small government conservatives to running on platforms very close to that of Democrats, all in the name of September 11th, 2001.

It is real easy to look at the Bush Administration as the real republicans and traditional Republicans ( such as Ron Paul ) as people who should be a part of the Libertarian Party and not that of the Republicans today. That is if you are still in the dark of what defines both. What exactly is a Republican and what exactly is a Democrat. 

Republicans traditionally have always been small government people, it is their platform of keeping out of foreign affairs, staying out of peoples lives and let people be free. It has always been the Democrats platform to have entitlement programs for the less fortunate and expand the governments reach in every form.

As Ron Paul has said in many debates, " Republicans were elected to stop the Korean War, Republicans were elected to stop the Vietnam War. There is a strong tradition of being anti-war in the Republican Party. "

Where did it all go? What the hell happened? 

A small select few called the Neo-Conservatives hi-jacked our foreign policy and have manipulated the American People into thinking that the Republicans of today must goto war with countries to protect America in order to prevent another 9/11.

From corporate media ( Fox News, New York Post, etc. ) to the speakers of the administration, they have all pumped up these statements of Iraq ( a third world country ) of being an eminent threat with weapons of mass destruction ( Which we sold to him back in the 80's by the way ) and planning to take over the whole Middle East. Iraq only had a history of invading one country ( Kuwait, in which was a part of Iraq before England cut it off for themselves to serve their oil interest. They also let the U.S. know of this future task before invading ) 
and going to war with Iran ( which was a territory dispute that the U.S. backed both sides of the conflict and gave arms to both sides. )

Now, I can go into much more conflicts in which the U.S. was involved or pushed for but that is for you to crack a book on and learn a thing or two if you haven't already. Is America that bad? Are the American people to blame? NO!

It is policy that is at fault, not the American people. It lies in the hands of a select few who have managed to gain power by persuasion  and payoff deals.

Here is a video I came across that I'd like you to check out. It is a very perfect example of exactly who is behind the " Neo-Conservative Movement " and how they have managed to gain the power they have and use it against the American People to manipulate policy to what it has become. 

It is time for the American People to take their country back. 

" A Nation Of Sheep Will Beget A Government Of Wolves " - Edward R. Murrow

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The beautiful discourse by the Mainstream Media.

I have the T.V. tuned into MSNBC as I see the projection for Hillary Clinton winning yet again. She is projected to win West Virginia. I never do understand these projections, why they even exist. I could understand if individuals conducted projections but for MSM to basically announce a winner and throw in the word of " a projection " is very stupid.

When a station ( maybe this is their intention ) announces a projection, I can't help but take into account that maybe this would discourage voters who haven't voted just yet. Maybe people who haven't voted just yet are getting the numbers on their cellphones or some other devices then changing their votes. 

There have been times ( especially during this race ) where entrance polls don't add up to exit polls and vice versa. Maybe I am over analyzing but it seems very coincidental. Personally, I don't care for polls, especially those polls that take place by calling a voters home who must have a land line, and have voted before which consists of up to 2,000 people.

I also see the roundtables a lot of times mentioning that  people in record numbers have registered to vote and turning out to vote and so forth, but so what?
People aren't voting simply because there is a Woman or a Black man running, they are voting because people are so desperate for a real change. Unfortunately, the headliners ( Obama, Clinton, McCain ) are not going to change anything. I have spoken about this previously into detail in a previous post in April so you can look it up there.

Now, in case you are wondering why I said headliners and not the candidates in simply because, the mainstream media fails to mention Ron Paul still being in the race. I'm real glad that as a Ron Paul supporter myself that winning the presidency does not matter as much as spreading the " message of freedom . " 

I'm not going to ramble on about anyone specific because as much as I do favor my candidate, I do try to remain open to other peoples views and respect their decisions, just when casting that vote, know why you are. Don't do it because you think your guy/girl might win, do it because their record, speeches, etc. make perfect sense to what your needs are.

I saw this video earlier today that I found very interesting, why Ron Paul's run really is a revolution and not like any other presidential run since the days of Washington, Jefferson, Etc. 
This was on Fox News and they were talking about how there might just be a revolt at the GOP Convention in favor of Ron Paul.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Monetary Policy and why is it important to know?!

This post right here will probably be one of the most important reads  you will ever come across, so it is important you make the time to read this in detail, watch the videos to then fully understand why our country, economy, etc. is heading the way it is. MONETARY POLICY!

I was watching the Faux business channel yesterday and saw Peter Schiff speaking on the dollars' condition and where we are heading in our prices with oil, food etc., as you might anticipate, it doesn't look good.

In case you are saying to yourself " Oh but we are going to have a CHANGE in November because BUSH will be out! " How do you expect that this will happen when the value of the dollar is declining and not because of the presidency? This is a problem that has been heading our way since Alan Greenspan was in control of the Fed, not just recently. You have to understand one very crucial thing when you hear politicians promise change and programs to help the people: THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PRODUCES NOTHING SO THEY CAN GIVE NOTHING.

You might be wondering, " Where does this money come from that they request? The billions for health, energy, etc. "
Here is a little surprise for you: " The Federal Reserve, which is a private bank not federal at all, print up the money and give the politicians their asking amount, the government then taxes you the people to pay back the interest on their money borrowed from the Federal Reserve. " " This then devalues the dollar because it is being printed in excess and causes the purchase power to decline. " It means the money in your pocket looses it's value, like I am taking a dollar out of your pocket every so often.

You are paying for your politicians programs to help you, crazy huh? It is like me going to a bank and taking out money then charging you interest for buying you something lol.

If this isn't criminal to you, then go back to sleep and dream another day. The Federal Reserve Bank is an unconstitutional bank which in turn makes it illegal.

Now since I haven't posted yesterday, I am making up for it today with these videos ahead. These videos explain in detail how our monetary policy ( the way our dollar really works )

It is very very important you learn todays way of Monetary Policy, otherwise you will never understand why prices are raising on every scale, why the prices really aren't raising but are actually the same but our dollar is loosing it's value, and how the INCOME TAX IS ILLEGAL!

Enjoy this weekend's videos and I hope to return to individuals with a newfound knowledge.

Here is yesterday's video, an excerpt of Peter Schiff on Fox Business talking about where our dollar is heading... Brace Yourself!

This video is a nutshell version of what Gold to the Dollar is in todays world. Why the dollar was suppose to always be backed up by Gold & Silver by the Constitution and not to become a line of credit the way it has become today. Your jaw will drop.

Gold Vs. Dollar

If you have the time, * Scratch that * MAKE THE TIME to watch these 2 documentaries, it is VERY VERY Important! These two videos are more in depth and a more extensive tell all on how the Federal Reserve came to be and how our monetary policy today has become just a line of credit, yes I said credit, worthless piece of paper.
Empower yourself and learn the truth, maybe next time the people of this once great country won't be so quick to accept needless multi-billion dollar wars, illegal taxes & institutions and continue the revolution.

Money, Banking & The Federal Reserve.

America: Freedom To Fascism

See you next week


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obama Vs. Hillary, Hillary Vs. Obama, I'm getting sick of this!

I really didn't want to touch on this considering it is all over the MSM media but I had to vent and state my view on this big circus event.

So in the recent news, Hillary wins Indiana & Obama wins North Carolina, that's great.
The issue now is, why doesn't Hillary drop out? Why does she continue to campaign when her own strongest political supporters are advising her to drop out? If this doesn't show how there is such a cult type of organization amongst these people, I don't know what will.

Personally, no one should ever drop out until' the convention, that is the purpose for having a convention but this is ridiculous. The democrats are looking to just to put a " Democrat" into the White House and not because they will best serve the people, more about a popularity contest. 

The Republicans aren't alone  in this either because there have been deals cut previously ( such as the one with Mitt Romney  and McCain where he'd drop out to run again in 2012. )
And who is blind to all this? The voter!

Don't let all this craziness confuse you of what is right and wrong, who is better fit to fix the problems of today and tomorrow because of what the MSM is reporting, do your research and vote wisely. I can't say it enough. This is the most important election to come around in the history of elections. We are on the verge of WW3, our economy is in shambles and not getting any better, people aren't getting paid what they deserve, the cost of living continues to rise no matter what tax you cut.

Barack preaches " change " and " yes we can " so " Yes We Can, Change " but what is changing? 
Hillary preaches " experience " but how is that experience going to make a real difference for the American people?

Is monetary policy changing? They don't even talk about it. 

Are the departments in which the Bush Administration propped up ( FEMA, TSA, Department Of Homeland Security, etc. ) being removed? Never even spoken about.

The promotion of Pre-Emptive wars? Barack might slow down on this one but Hillary has already threatened Iran.

Overall, I've said it before and I'm saying it again: The only thing that will change is the face for the history books, nothing more, nothing less.

If you are wondering why I haven't maybe mentioned McCain, Do I really have to? I think he does a good job himself by just talking in each state. I'm just glad that Ron Paul is going all the way to the convention, it gives me some form of real hope.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cut The Federal Gas Tax? Great! But how great exactly...?

This story has been floating around now for a week or 2. The proposal to cut the Federal Gas Tax  to help the consumers in the time of this sluggish economy by saving a few cents. A few cents does add up but to make up for this tax, the government plans to give a windfall profits tax to the companies instead.

How does this help or hurt anyone? It helps the consumer for a short time but puts a smoke screen on other problems they face ( Cost of living, food, etc. ) and hurts business. Granted, the oil companies make millions to billions a year but to tax a profit because your business is doing well is a very Marxist way of going about things. No company should have to hurt by the United States Government because the government chooses to be irresponsible. The government is at fault here not the companies nor' OPEC or any other affiliate of these companies. 

The United States Government is responsible entirely for the high prices. The price of everything, not just oil, is high and going higher because of entitlement programs, the war, etc. which is causing the overspending which in turns causes the Fed to print more money to fund these operations ( and the fact we have to borrow even more from foreign countries to stay afloat ) which causes the  value of the dollar to decline and explains the high price of general living going up.

If you compare Oil to Gold, Oil is steadily priced, it barely moves, But because we have a Fiat Currency and a bank ( The Federal Reserve ) that can print money out of thin air, an endless war, this won't go away anytime soon and until' we realize the root of the problem, we won't be able to rid of this problem to not occur again down the line, whoever is president.

Here is Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul On Neil Cavuto Today talking about the Gas Tax cut. 

Monday, May 5, 2008

Deborah Jeane Palfrey Anyone?!?

The story about The D.C. Madam who had a long list of political officials she was planning to take down, is being completely ignored by the MSM. Everyone from low level officials all the way up to Vice President Dick Cheney. 

I don't usually care about these types of " scandals " but when it involves such high profile figures, it can't be ignored. Why isn't the media pushing further into this story? Why aren't they grilling the politicians the way they should to find the root of it all the way they are suppose to?
Could a lot of the corporate media have a hand in the political arena? No...Of course not....or could they?

Granted, the presidential race is important, the war is important but if a high profile case like this can be muzzled, what could possibly happen when a case comes along for you and I?

This is one of the few times I will use Faux News for proof of anything but, in this video there is a clip of the recording where the Madam is heard saying " I don't plan on committing suicide  "

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ron Paul, The Manifesto,

I haven't posted up in about 2 days simply because what has been on T.V. and around has been bland and repetitive: Barack Obama, Rev. Wright and now Hillary's advisor making racial remarks about Indianians. Do I give two sh***? No.

Moving along to what has been new or worth talking about: The release of the book entitled " The Revolution: A Manifesto " written by: Dr. Ron Paul.

I got my autographed copy a few days ago when Mr. Paul was visiting here in N.Y.C. on the 28th of April. I decided to save that one and pick up another copy to read and ended up picking up his other book: A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship.

Why am I mentioning these books and not maybe Barack Obama's book or Hillary's? Simple, We are looking for a leader to lead our country, not someone who were looking to fall in love with. Someone who has a consistent voting record with unchanged principles. Someone you could look up videos on from the 80's who speaks the same exact word for word way as they do today. It's rare to find a politician who speaks the same day by day let alone for many years.

The books I mentioned are not meant to be biased as a Ron Paul supporter but they are mentioned because Ron Paul simply states the case in his manifesto on how this country was originally intended to be. He uses examples of today and what is going on compared to how it could be if we just simply followed the law of the land, The Constitution Of The United States Of America. So I speak of them as Dr. Paul does, for a knowledgeable revolution.

I will write more in depth in a later time once I get through these reads but I suggest you pick them up. I warn you ahead of time, If you are easily dramatized then pass them, stay in your ignorant world of bliss and keep wondering why prices are high and your salary is barely covering the same expenses from a year ago. Or, pick up this Manifesto and learn the truth of what the role of government ought to be, why this is a representative democracy and not suppose to be a Socialist Or Fascist country. Why the founders cherished Liberty and NOT Democracy.

Here is Ron Paul on CNN's the Situation Room today, watch how Wolf Blitzer throws in the comment " the last time we saw the word Manifesto on a book, It was used on the communism book. " This is a war on your mind, not just propaganda. Study again, research if in doubt, Empower yourself with truth.

" Truth is Treason In The Empire Of Lies " - Ron Paul

Have a great weekend.

See You Monday