Sunday, April 20, 2008

And so the blogging begins... Pope, Ivy League & Hypocrisy.

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Now let's get this started * Cracks knuckles *

The big news this weekend all over the tube was the Pope's visit to N.Y.C. Everything seemed to go smoothly as far as traveling and visits, which is always good. I'm not a cynic but this is NYC with a highly known figure in a time where this particular government has everyone fearing for their lives about every little thing.

It seems that there were mixed reviews on his arrival. Some saying that it is a great thing, others wondering, why now? 

Personally, I look at it as a mixed blessing in this sense: In the time we are in ( Labeling Muslims as terrorists, claiming Iran is building a nuclear bomb to bomb everyone, etc. ) that we would have the Pope to rise and say " Everything will be ok because I say so. "

Why would I see it this way? Simple. There was no record of the Pope doing what Jesus would do, call an end to the illegal war and really bring the worlds together instead of addressing sex scandals to people who tomorrow will still be scared from what happened to them as children.
Granted, it is a good thing he did it but this could of been a historical moment, but it wasn't. It turned into another visit, another prayer, another day gone by.

I'm not going to spend too much time on the Pope, God bless him and all that good stuff, good thing he did what he did but just a bit let down there wasn't more done.

Another thing I wanted to bring up was what I saw tonight on the CNN Newsroom, Rick Sanchez's show. He was at the University Of Pennsylvania speaking with Ivy League students about politics and the candidates.

These students are Ivy League so you'd expect intelligent answers from them, nope, not even close.
There wasn't anything different from the answers they gave than what you hear the mainstream media ( MSM ) give on their reporting.
Ex: " If we leave tomorrow, there will be greater chaos. Maybe we are causing the problem and should leave, etc. etc "
Mind you, these individuals that are voting for Obama or Hillary want the troops out and the war to end and those ( of course ) that want to stay and continue, are going for McCain.

To those of you that don't understand what I have against this, I'll explain.

John McCain is a self explanatory individual, he is no more Republican than Ralph Nader. He goes with the flow of his current advisors and lobbyists, he is consistently on record for flip flopping and even so much to saying the wrong people are involved for certain things ( ie. Al Qaeda In Iran. )
I can go on and on about McCain but I won't waste my time on this guy. I suggest you even go search for " Vietnam Vets Against McCain " for even further detail on his Vietnam days.

Now we go into Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton, what separates these two?
The biggest perception about the democratic party and these two candidates is that they are against the war and will end the war tomorrow, not true.
Democrats have always started the wars and the Republicans have ended them. Whether it was the Korean, Vietnam, Etc.
But you say, We are ready for " Change! " so is everyone else, Republican & Democrat but you won't get it from establishment candidates who raise 40 million dollars in 1 month.

Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton are both on ( and in ) world organizations such as the Council On Foreign Relations, they are both for Nato, the WTO, and so forth, which in turn means, they BOTH have a vested interest in being in the area.

It seems if you ask any person voting for Hillary or Obama into why exactly they are voting for them, they usually don't give a straight forward answer. They might favor 1 thing in a list of 10 and settle for just that ( ie Healthcare, Change logo, etc. )

They have both said it in past debates where they need to keep a presence ( a peacekeeping force ) to maintain stability in the region, but not through war. 
Let me tell you something, People all over the world ( especially in that region ) despise us because of just that, we are on their land dictating how to live, what to do, etc. instead of letting them live their own lives their own way.

We have this arrogance about us ( our foreign policy ) that we feel we have to force people to do what we want them to, if they don't, we sanction & bomb them until' they submit.
If they never do, we label them as terrorists. From Chavez of Venezuela to Castro of Cuba, the facts are all there if we just take the time to read a little more instead of being so absorbed in our ipods and cellphones, gadgets and gizmos.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said " Don't let anybody make you think that God chose America as his divine messianic force to be a sort of policemen of the whole world. "

Wake up, read a book, start researching and use that brain that God gave you, don't let it goto waste with ignorance and obedience for forces that will smile in your face and rob you blind of your wealth and freedom.

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