Monday, April 21, 2008

The Hypocrisy in the media and the Ron Paul run for the Presidency.

Ah the mainstream media of today. The more that the internet becomes the premier place of knowledge of the youth, the more they try to manipulate their current viewers to think that any information outside of what they tell you, is absurd.

Perfect example of this is none other than Faux News ( Fox News ). They have become the hardcore neo-conservative media outlet that caters to corporations & the publics discourse to dismiss those with a " free-think " view as loons and those with their agenda as " patriotic. "

Keep this one note in mind: Neo-Conservatives ( Like this current administration ) are NOT real Republicans. They are Fascists in the disguise of Republicans.

Many out there can write novels on this particular station, but I won't waste my time on their disgusting antics of cutting peoples mics off, shouting down their guests, and using movements that a well trained person of Neuro-linguistic programming ( NLP ) could easily identify them as using to manipulate their viewers. Crazy? " Attention to detail " my friends, it is key.

I won't just throw Faux news into the red herring, alot of other major outlets are involved in this same discourse, just not as fierce as the entities owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Let's pick MSNBC, any show you'd like that consists of roundtables with what you'd think are consistent of rational debate.

On the one hand you have these media types dismissing and disgusted on how Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton are being portrayed. You know what I mean, " She's a female, He's a black man. " They speak on how they can't understand in the year 2008, we can't get passed these prejudices, yea, no kidding genius, it's all your fault.

Those who never dealt with racism and prejudice  are for the first time seeing it being thrown down our throats as if the year was 1950. The media constantly mentions " the black voters, the white voters " and then wonder why people themselves will mention it? What kind of damn hypocrite are you, seriously? 

That is like people talking about gum and saying how bad it is 20 x's a day then wondering why people still talk about gum, it's disgusting.

The purpose of news organizations use to be about " Reporting the news " or getting to the bottom of something to find the root to where this particular news stemmed from, not to throw stuff in your face to make you think things that have nothing to do with the other, that my friends is what you call propaganda.

Whether Barack is a Black Muslim or Hillary is a crying woman, what does that have to do with running a country? The voter ( hopefully this time around ) has to realize that the media knows nothing and the records speak for themselves.

Just like parents today who tell their kids, " Be careful who you hang around with or you will become just like them. " That same scenario applies to politics. Politicians running for a presidential position have advisors ( their friends ) who guide them on pretty much everything they do. They will ultimately decide what route the President will go along and which policies he will bring up and so forth.

In a nutshell to each candidate:

Barack Obama's Foreign Advisor -  Zbigniew Brzezinski. This is the man responsible ( along with the C.I.A. ) for what we know today as Al Qaeda. This is the man who had Bin Ladin train fellow Taliban to go after the Soviets in Afghanistan during the Cold War. Barack, change? 

Hillary Clinton's Foreign Advisor's are not yet picked out. I tried to research but it seems she is going to go with the same team as her husband had. She did vote for the war no matter how many times she says " I did not know this administration would attack. " That should be enough of a reason. Let me just throw in that during Bill Clinton's administration, he had sanctions put on Iraq in order for the people to over throw the Saddam regime. For 10 years, the U.S. led bombing attacks and let over 600,000 children die due to lack of medicine. 

John McCain's Foreign Advisor's consist of hardcore neoconservatives that are for continuing the war. There is too much to be said but, John is making it well known by his statements of keeping a presence in Iraq and his best quote of " There will be more wars. "

All three of these individuals are for continuing the war and global governments. They are all for a Real-ID Act, something similar to how the Nazi's would identify people in Germany. All in the name of " Security. "

Keep in mind people, this is the United States Of America, the most powerful nation in the world. No country is attacking us today, tomorrow, or ever without us provoking them.
Do you really think that a third world country would attempt? Seriously, think about this realistically. An individual doesn't hate anyone unless they are provoked, one way or another.

Finally on those candidates, they all have ties with the AIPAC lobby. This is very very important to understand. AIPAC is 1 of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington. They have a heavy influence on our foreign policy. From the war in Iraq, to threatening Iran, this is all for the benefit of Israel and nothing more nor' less. People resent us for their support not because they are " Jewish " but because they are run by Zionists who established Israel as an apartheid State. That is something you definitely won't hear on the mainstream media anytime soon, look who owns the major corporate media and news publications. This doesn't take some " Anti-Semitic " to point this out, it is right there if you just look for it.

Zionists are no more Jewish ( traditional followers of Judaism ) than the Neo-Conservatives are Republican. It is very important to keep that in mind to be able to understand the differences.

This is the United States Of America, Not of Israel, nor' Saudi Arabia nor any country that is not under the U.S. Constitution, It is that simple. 

Finally, to the final candidate still in the race ( but snubbed by the corporate media ) Ron Paul.
The lone voice of the constitution in the race. This man has been a Congressman for over 30 years with a consistent record. The one guy who actually follows the rules, somehow he is blackened out by the media. It is like a student who got straight A's by studying and applying himself to all of the sudden having his peers with C & D grades, never listening to the teacher,  running the school. How does this happen?

Corporatism which is a softer tone for Fascism. There are a lot bigger powers dictating what you read, understand, listen to what they see as for you to only know as truth. In reality, it is truth to keep you at a certain level while they do business by your ignorance behind your back.

Check out this video I came across by T.V. Producer: Jerry Day. It shows a very good detail of how the mainstream media ignores Ron Paul, despite his popularity.

Most people are passive today, when you ask someone " Do you realize how the income tax is illegal, the war is illegal, etc. " they  answer " Hey, I'm not into politics, they all lie, I'm just looking to get paid and move on. " 

That is how discouraged people have become. The lack of knowledge the people have these days is frightening.

In conclusion, things like this are what make me one " Pissed Off Citizen. "
We are now a nation to start wars, we are at a point where our great grandchildren will be working to pay for what our generation has consumed, and for what? So we can walk around with an 80gb Ipod, the latest flat screen, the latest tivo to catch the latest reality show, to goto sleep and dream while everything this country has been made up to be diminishes slowly? 

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