Monday, April 28, 2008

Meeting The Man, The Revolutionary, Ron Paul

Started off as a rainy & windy day here in N.Y.C. I was on 2 hours of sleep and my adrenaline was pumping because today was the day I was going to meet the next President Of The United States,  Ron Paul.

Today he was visiting the Borders Bookstore on  Wall Street to sign advanced copies of his book: The Revolution: A Manifesto.

I walked in  ( at around 12:30 P.M. ) with a cousin of mine to what seemed as a typical bookstore day ( if there ever was one. ) People walking around casually and about three workers standing at the front with a stack of Ron Paul's Manifesto Book. The workers handed over to me 2 copies of his book and directed me to the register, I waited for my cousin to get his stuff ready to get going onto the line of people ( I didn't see anyone at this time. )

Before we headed to the register to buy our copies of our books, who enters? Dr. Ron Paul
A huge loud roar abrupted from all 3 levels with everyone yelling " RON PAUL. "
My initial reaction was " Do something stupid, don't just stand there " but I can't lie when I say " I was just happy with knowing  I was finally seeing this man face to face. "

It sounds so childish maybe to have that initial reaction for anyone but this wasn't just anyone, this is the man who has woken up people to the realities of the political system. The real world in which we live in and not just label everything as " This is terrorism, they are bad and we are good. "
Initially after that picture was taken, I shook his hand and he continued to wave to everyone chanting his name then proceeded to make his way upstairs. We then purchased our books and was directed to where the line was, now I came across people. The signing was to begin at 1 P.M., the books were sold out before the signing began with people still standing, waiting for their books.

When we finally goto the line, it wasn't normal. If anyone knows the bookstore, it is huge. Three floors of books, audio, etc. The line wrapped around each bookshelf like one giant snake. You couldn't make a straight line with all these loyal Ron Paul supporters.

We even exchanged ideas with fellow supporters, that was an interesting note to point out. We didn't just stand and wait, people who didn't even know each other ( including us ) were all conversing with one another. Whether it was Religion or Politics, everyone was doing something. Not because I respect this man but things like this event show why this man really is Revolutionary. People who were tall, short, big, small, etc. were all talking to each other as an American supporter of Ron Paul, not as this or that person. 
Everything went smoothly throughout the day, even with the rain and flooding in the streets.

The way you picture Ron Paul to be is exactly how he seems to be, very modest and a real gentleman. It seems like to this day he really doesn't realize the amount of support he has. By the glow in his eye from how many people attended told the whole story.

As the line winded down to where I was coming up to get my book signed, I saw that I might not be able to have a lot of time with him to really thank him, so i managed to take some shots before getting up there.

There's more but I'm not going to flood the blog with pictures lol.

Then my moment came when I got to shake the hand of the man that got me into politics, into learning about monetary policy, foreign policy, etc. Dr. Ron Paul.

Happy? You better believe it! 

I wish the picture was a little better myself but hey, i had the privilege of meeting the man, that is all I need.

I leaned in that picture and whispering to him to give him thanks for the wake up call. He then shook my hand and  I leaned into him and said " Sir, It started with you & ends with us. " and in a soft tone he replied " That's Right! "

For those few seconds, it is to last a lifetime. There were some on the line not understanding certain things like " Isn't he out? How can he win? " I looked back at them and said " You see all these people? That is how he won. These are the future politicians, teachers, etc. with his message on their mind. " 

I said " This race wasn't intended for him to win, it was intended for the message to be brought out into the open. If it was intended for him to be president, he would run a third party and still try when in his soul, he is the true republican letting other republicans know " Not all of us have left you. "

So with this experience I say this: Pick up his Manifesto, read it, learn it, and understand it. Don't just buy the book to say you have it, buy it because you really want " change. " The book, as I skimmed through for now, is a wake up call to the realities of today. This isn't a book to give you a spin of what you know but to give you a kick in the head of what you might not know.

So in closing I want to say what I've said to Dr. Paul: " It started with you & ends with us, God bless you. "

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