Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Pennsylvanian Primaries & The Media's Discourse.

So the main story today was about the Pennsylvanian primary between Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton. If this was going to be the end for Hillary or would she continue. Looks like she is sticking around for a few more weeks.
She managed to grab 54.6% to Obamas 46.4%, that's just wonderful, isn't it?

There was barely any to no reporting on the Republican race, I mean why would they, it's only Ron Paul, John McCain & Huckabee?

It seems that on the Republican end, Mike Huckabee got around 12% of the votes while Ron Paul got 16%.

What does this mean? It means that Republicans are really torn and really do not want John McCain to represent them in the general election, considering that 12% of the voters voted for a guy who has been out of the race for a few months now.

Ron Paul on the other hand, is going all the way to the convention.

If John's advisors are giving him notes from what the mainstream media is telling him, he is laughing up the battle between Hillary & Obama.

The tactics being used, not only by Hillary's camp, but by the mainstream media, have everything going everywhere with John McCain campaigning gleefully.

The MSM ( Mainstream Media ) is purposely adding fuel to the fire of the democratic party by purposely bringing up issues that have nothing to do with their political positions. From Rev. Wright to Hillary's Universal Healthcare or her lies ( maybe the lies might be a problem ) these are all well done designs to throw off the voter.

A voter should vote not based on popularity but by how an individual states their case to their record, not by what crowd they speak to in the moment.

The Mainstream Media had the assumption from the beginning that Hillary and McCain would be at the final moment, they did not expect people to appreciate Obama as much as they have done. Even though Obama is associated with some organizations that are anti-american sovereignty, they don't want a multi-ethnic background man in the white house.

I personally don't think his color plays as much of a role as does his background. The color is one thing but his background can influence his view on countries that the special interests would like to benefit from. ( Special interests : Bankers, Lobbyists, etc. )

It does all seem like one big movie with you wondering " Where's the popcorn? " But try and stay focused and vote wisely. It is time to start paying attention to details and not what the mainstream media confused you with. Whether it be a blouse Hillary wore or Barack not wearing a pin. In the end, it is your pocket, your family, your country and your rights to look out for.

Check out the video below. It was done by a team of Ron Paul supporters. NO I'm not just putting it because it is Ron Paul, but, I am putting it because the message he speaks in this video
is in fact what this country has become. No one else is speaking about the real issues but are masking them instead with more political propaganda of " Hope " & " Change "

This country doesn't need " Hope & Change, " It needs a " Kick " in the " Ass " with reality.

It is time to wake up...

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