Monday, September 15, 2008

So you want Universal Healthcare?

Many people ( especially Hillary Clinton followers ) have wanted healthcare for all. Some people believe that no person should make a profit off another persons health. Just like the cops don't profit off protecting the citizen to the fire department for saving lives from a fire.

But what is right and ok and what is just plain wrong?

Is it right for me that I am healthy, workout every other day, take excellent care of myself to have to pay for the next guy who decides he wants to eat fast food, watch t.v. all day, not care for his health until' it's too late?

This is one argument that has been raised with those who are in favor and against healthcare for all.

Some countries have a government run healthcare system, such as Canada, France, Etc.
How can they possibly have this type of system and maintain it for so long? I mean, the United States of America is the most powerful and wealthiest country in the world, but they can't give everyone healthcare? Why?

One major thing the people in favor don't look at is, these countries don't have an excess of 300 million people, immigrants flocking here to work, an empire made up of 700+ bases in 130 countries to maintain, a country that is living by credit and not solid money, a country that today, spends more than it takes in.

I came across yet another report done by one of the best investigative reporters of the time, John Stossel.

This report is on Healthcare in America. He touches on the current broken system, Michael Moore's film sicko ( about universal healthcare ) and countries that do have a government run healthcare system.

The point of this report posting is this:

Whether you are in favor or against the government running the healthcare system, you will walk away from watching this and be able to make a better decision on the issue.

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