Friday, November 14, 2008

The next time you see those opposing Peter Schiff, Remember This Video.

Here is something that really makes me stick to my title of this blog. Nothing pisses me off more than people who oppose others blindly without thinking things through.
I've posted a few videos and references on Peter Schiff telling people on how the Dollar is going to collapse and how he has warned for years on the upcoming housing crisis, while others, looked at him like a loon.
Here is a collection of videos, dating back to 2006, of Peter telling people what will happen and what we've come to today. As the title says: Remember this collection the next time you see Peter on T.V. telling it like it is.

If you notice, those who usually oppose Peter are those who are involved in the markets that Peter talks against. On that level, I understand people opposing, but it's very disingenuous to the viewer/investor who listens to them.

Always, and I mean always, research for yourself, outside the television and newspaper articles you read and come up with your own viewpoints.

People of the past use to do the most simplest things sometimes to come up with great changes for the future, two of them was reading and learning from history.

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