Friday, November 14, 2008

*Weekend Film* Loose Change: The Final Cut

Many of you have probably seen or heard about this documentary and some raised questions into the facts relayed through it. How true could it be if they made more than 1 part? Interviews were done where they retracted their previous statements in the films, so how can we believe what they say in this? And much more...

The makers of this documentary made multiple volumes for the simple reasons any film maker does: They find more evidence or the same but in a different light with the same conclusions.

Before viewing, you have to wonder, if this was so simple as 2 planes knocking the most important buildings in the world down, why are politicians so reluctant to answer simple questions that are brought before them?

You'd say: But there was a 9-11 commission who revealed the real case for 9-11!
Sorry, but that " commission " was headed and formed by the Bush Administration. Some were independent, ironically, those people were muzzled from the final book.

Here is the Final Cut version of Loose Change. Now see and understand why and how people could never rest until' the truth, in it's entirety, comes out on what happened on 9-11.

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