Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama & The Danger Of His Middle East Policies & The Weekend Film: Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

I've said many times before, in previous posts, on how it made me sick to my stomach how people vote blindly without knowing a politicians policies, but never before like they have done for Barack Obama.

People voted for a guy solely on the words of " Hope " & Change " without looking into how it will come about, if it even does.

People picked Obama over Hillary but now see, Obama's Administration is going to be made up of who? Almost all of Bill Clinton's former administration. How about that for a smack in the face of reality for you Obama drones.

People voted for the man who they thought was the anti-war candidate, but in reality, he funded the war as much as every other politician has.

The video below goes into a good detail on exactly what Barack Obama's policy will be towards the Middle East.

Change you can believe in huh?

What can you do now? Use what you have within reach. We have a congress who is a representative of the people. It is time to utilize your right as an American and speak to your congressman and let them know of what you favor and oppose and make sure you come across to do a real " Change " otherwise, we will continue in this vicious circle. From the economic end to the foreign policy end.

Here is another video from an Iraqi who blasts John Bolton ( who was a part of the Bus Admin ) on the invasion of Iraq.

Below I've listed a film that coincides with the previous video and how, or why, people in the West view the Middle East a certain way. How the mainstream media uses technique to demonize the Middle East and not show in detail, the real problems going on there and why or how they exist.

Instead in the west we see Israel as a peaceful nation who can do no wrong and the Middle East as a bunch of maniacs who strap bombs and kill people for their own belief.

That is so far out from the truth, and this film will better explain on it.


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