Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The New President Of The United States: Barack Obama

It's Official, The New President Of The United States Of America:

Barack Obama

Now, because this is my blog and this is my personal place to vent, I will say my part:

This is definitely, by far, a major achievement for all black people. I say black people and not African American ( as much of the Media says ) because he is of a mixed background. This has been more about a race accomplishment than anything else.

So for that, this is a historic event and a major victory on that end.

What I now wonder is this:

When the smoke clears and the campaign speeches end, will people see a trifecta control of the Presidency, Senate, & Congress as being a good thing?

Will Obama's foreign policy of going into Pakistan, Syria and threatening Iran really change?

Will anything really "change" or stay the same?

We will have to see if he sticks to his campaign rhetoric of just these things and sole support of Israel in the process or will he remember that:

This is the United States Of America
You have taken an Oath to the Constitution Of The United States Of America and not the World, Corporations, Or Anyone else but the "People".

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  1. Well said, tpoc. I hope the Constitution is at least respected in the next 4 years...