Friday, December 12, 2008

Selling Seats In The Government Is The Serbian Way?

It seems that with every channel you turn to, every newscast seems to be all over the story about Governor Rod Blagojevich taking in bids on the President-Elect Barack Obama's Senate seat.

The headlines have not shot on over to Mr. Blagojevich's homeland of Belgrade Serbia.

"Naturally, a Serb comes up with a scheme to make money," laughed Svetlana Ciric, a 39-year-old book seller in Belgrade. "Only, it doesn't work there like it does here."

For more on the story, visit the AP article.

Blagojevich case makes headlines in Serbia

My personal take on it and how the MSM is going about this whole thing? I think it's more so a diversion from the real issues at play. The nationalization of our economic system.

Some of us use to go nuts over " Universal Healthcare " and now? Everything is going under the governments control.

It's much bigger than just a bailout or two, this is going into unprecedented territory and it's disgusting beyond belief.

I hope that people wake up soon and not just yap about it on blogs, comments, and forums and actually get up and use the power of having a representative democracy and hold their representatives responsible for these criminal actions.

Ron Paul On The Big 3 Bailout a few days ago.

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