Monday, December 22, 2008

Where Should YOU Put Your Money Before It's All Gone?!

Going through this economic down turn, it is no surprise that people are becoming very very distraught with investing in America at all. Whether it's the investment banks being bailed out to the Big 3 Auto companies, Americans don't know where to turn or even care to turn. Some are crossing their fingers and hoping for some change to come along like a wave of the wand and others are picking investments that will keep their purchasing power at a level.

Peter Schiff was on Kudlow & Company earlier talking about where to invest along with Mario Gabelli ( Gabelli Funds ) & Jack Cage ( Forbes Magazine )




If you didn't catch what Mario & even Jack Cage say before jumping into finishing what they are going to say, they sneak in how they agree with Peter lol.

Mario yells out before ending " Gold is fungible and it's global "
Peter then says " But it's real money "

Point being, anything is fungible that is a precious metal, so yelling that out is irrelevant isn't it lol

You gotta know that Mario & Jack deal with Wall Street and solely on the stock market ( exception to Mario who does invest in outside companies ) so it is their job to support the American economy, even when it's down.

That is why most times you will hear dissent on Peter's views from those who rely on American companies doing well for success to their own portfolios.

I hope you all will Invest & Invest wisely...

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