Wednesday, December 24, 2008

NY Man Arrested For Broadcasting A Foreign TV Station?!

Yea, you read that right alright.

Some of you that might have heard about this story might be saying " Yea but say what station it is and who runs it to be honest! "

Sure, the station is Al Manar ( A Hezbollah run station ) oooo Let's all start going into peoples houses and check what they are watching now!

This will keep us free and prosperous won't it? As soon as we disagree with something someone watches, we will throw them in jail for it. Yea, that will work.

Now, you might be saying " That is a terrorist organization! Of course he should be arrested, how dare he! "

Right, How dare he. He didn't go around promoting them or their agendas, he didn't go around saying " I'm going to terrorize you because my TV told me to " he didn't force people to get the station, now did he?

If you notice, in the AP article from yesterday, there is not one word of any wrong doing. Even his neighbors say the guy is a warm hearted man who never had a record of doing anything wrong.

Now, he's going to be blessed with a sentence of broadcasting a Lebanese TV station because the U.S. doesn't like it? Come on now.

What happened to the right to privacy? If I want to hang Nazi flags, watch old Joseph Stalin videos, study Leninism, practice strategies like Napoleon & learn about the chemical weapons of Iraq, IN MY OWN HOUSE, why in the hell is that any of anyones business?!?!?

Look at this as an American's rights being violated people, not anything else. Because you might not like what he did, it is his right as an American to be able to be Free to watch and broadcast what he pleases, as long as he is not violating anyones privacy. Bottom line...

It begins with what you can watch, then it goes into the Internet, until' they completely control all that you watch, hear, and then, even say.

It's not far off considering this case and also the case with YouTube joining up with the ADL to filter out their videos.

The U.S., is slipping into totalitarianism, without even realizing it...

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