Monday, December 1, 2008

The Tragedy In Mumbai & The Aftermath.

Last week's attacks in Mumbai were definitely a blow to the world to wake up to the realities of the complexities in the world.
Why do I say " The World " and not just India? Aside from Mumbai being a financial district where many outsiders invest in, this should send a message to policy makers ( especially in the U.S. ) that, As long as their is interventionism, there will be those who oppose oppression or intervention by foreigners.

No, you can't compare India to Iraq in the sense of rulers and countries but you can compare them when the U.S. considers intervening in the future to prevent attacks like these to happen.

I bring this up because I couldn't help but notice how it was reported that a passport was found that belonged to one of the suspects showing that he was from Pakistan.

I don't know about you guys but since when does a " terrorist " carry any form of Identification? If they do, since when is it real?

So to me, it definitely doesn't add up on a passport being found, linking one of the suspects to Pakistan.

Another thing that throws off the Pakistani link is a recent report that claims that the terrorists might have actually been from Britain!

Point of all this is, I really think people should really research those involved for themselves and not so much solely on the MSM on TV. They tend to give a nutshell explanation and make sure for you to remember a word or two in the massive amount of news that is told or " commentated " on.

For those that have passed or have lost loved ones, my condolences.

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