Saturday, December 20, 2008

17.4 Billion...

Ah the wonderful government we have. They are always looking out for the people they serve, don't they?

With the recent news of the bailout package of the big 3 being reduced to 17.4 Billion, some say " Hey, atleast it's not the full amount of what they wanted! "

Yea, bonehead, you're right, that just means they will be asking for more down the line. Although next time, it will be excused because we gave them too little the first time.

People don't understand something. People complained about Universal Healthcare, and today, we are nationalizing everything instead!

I don't know how some people can type up stories or commentary on issues like these and keep their cool because right about now, I wanna break something.

Nothing is more discouraging as when the President most recently said:
"I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system"

And we're going to trust these politicians to do the right thing by bailing people out? Come on now, wake the f- up already people.

Oh, a last note, Don't think for a second that your guy " Barack Obama " is going to be any different. He's supported all the bailouts so far.

Change? Yea, sure... ok.

Earlier today, famed critic of government intervention, Peter Schiff was on CNN speaking against the bailout package and how it's going to eventually destroy the economy more so than the Great Depression ever did.

You might say " How does he know? " Or " Oh please, we'll get out of this with a new president! "

Here's a kick back into reality my friend.

Whether it is you or a government, the same economic principals apply.

In order to balance your budget, what do you have to do?

Save money
Eliminate excess spending

What is purposed by Obama?

He supports the bailouts
He supports tax increases on the people who provide jobs to the middle class

Point being, billions more will be added to the upcoming budget.

This isn't a knock at Obama or anyone, just a dose of reality.

Just put it this way, if you spent yourself into debt, how could you possibly get another credit card to spend yourself out of the debt you are in? You'd be putting yourself into another debt to pay the other debt with now wouldn't you?

As stupid as that sounds, that is how the government is going about things and it's up to the people to hold their representatives responsible before we're digging in the garbage for food one day.

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