Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Al Smith Dinner 2008 Feat. Barack Obama & John McCain.

I do realize this is a few days old but I had to give my two cents about this.

I have run across both McCain & Obama supporters who were glad to see their candidates " personal " sides, in laughter and ease from the " political " stage.
Granted, this was a good thing... or was it?

Personally, the way I came back to those who favored this event was:

" Do you honestly think there is a difference between them? Do you honestly believe they give a damn about you or me? Granted, Politics are politics and a person is a person but when the Nation is carrying on 2 wars, economy on the brink of collapse, houses being foreclosed, etc. This is what they choose to do? Laugh at the voters for believing there is a real change on the horizon. "

The United States of America has never before been in the position it is currently in, with foreign policy, relations, and soon... the economy and these two candidates choose to yuk it up with each other and of course, the Mainstream Media.

Don't ever wonder why real truth doesn't come out for either of these people when these people are backed up by the media giants.

From Barack Obama's citizenship in question to what John McCain really went through during his time in prison in Vietnam.

Now personally, the reason I bring these up is because I think on both ends, there is a lot of unanswered questions and if one of these men are to take the White House in January based solely on some speeches, more has to be brought out into the open for voters to really know who they are electing, aside from experience and a promise.

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