Monday, October 20, 2008

The Speech You Probably Didn't See...

A few weeks ago, there was a visit by the president of Iran,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the United Nations.
The Mainstream Media announced it as usual with the usual
hate mongering, war propaganda commentary they usually do.
Just like his previous visit to Columbia, it was quickly
forgotten and dismissed as the U.S. Media could not spin it
in their favor.
What is their favor? War with Iran. Not " Americans " of course
but the powers that be in the administration and other allies
( England, Israel )
I posted his speech tonight for those that have not seen
( or heard ) about his visit, to fully hear for themselves of
what Ahmadinejad says for himself.
I spoke to a man earlier tonight who said " He says he wants
to wipe Israel off the map, we should have attacked them
instead of Iraq. " where I quickly refuted the claim as being
Iran want's no confrontation with such a Super Power nor'
do they have plans to
build a nuclear weapon. But yet,
the MSM uses every chance they get to try and manipulate
the facts for their own agenda to confuse the American
people and have us back their propaganda to invade
another sovereign country, which remember,

This is what makes me real sick, since Sept. 11th, 2001,
It is like we have become deaf, dumb and blind to
everything except the propaganda spewing from the
administration. If tomorrow they said a country is a threat,
we actually consider it. This is the most dangerous foreign
policy ever to exist and it is something people better wake
up fast to before our country is destroyed on behalf
of a
country that shouldn't even exist to begin with.

Don't ever forget that the founding fathers of this great
country fought against the tyranny of the British Empire
to not be controlled under them, let's not repeat the
mistakes that we have condemned in history.
This is the United States Of America, A Republic,
not a Democracy. The Constitution is written specifically
for us NOT to have alliances with other nations but only
to engage in diplomacy, trade and so forth. The constitution
should make more sense to the American people today,
now, more than ever.
Enough with my ranting on what this country should do
and be by law.
Here is the speech given before the U.N. Security
Council back in September of this year. Listen for yourself
and come up with your own conclusion and not what
the MSM wants you to think.

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