Friday, July 18, 2008

The Movie You Cannot Afford To Miss!

I came across this trailer recently and the trailer itself is made up of alot of things I have already come to know.

I'm really glad that a movie is finally being released on the U.S. economy and not some fabricated action movie.

Neither one of the Candidates ( Barack Obama, John McCain ) are truly addressing the economy. One stands by having programs to help those in trouble which in turn would double your current taxes and the other will add onto the debt instead of raising taxes. Not to different on economy now are they?

If ever there was a time to look towards a third party, the time is now.

If there was ever a movie to look out for, this is the one.

I warn you though, those that don't fully know the dealings behind the economy, get ready for a RUDE AWAKENING!


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  1. well , US is going through very rough economic crisis.