Monday, January 26, 2009

Sex, Drugs, & The Inauguration Of Barack Obama.

First off let me begin by saying, congrats to this man becoming president. On that end I can say it in an unbiased way. What a progressive nation we've become right? I mean, A Black man elected President of the United States when only 30+ years ago, he wouldn't have been looked at twice!

If you sensed the irony in that statement, then you're sharper than the average. People voted and preach this line throughout the media and as the reason for voting for him without even knowing who the man is nor' know anything of his principals and stances on issues.

This infuriates me to no end to know that Obama supporters will claim they voted for change, get mad when you question if it was based on race, then when asked why, they can't give a solid reasoning behind their vote.

Of course, this is a generalization and by no means do I mean every single supporter as there may be one or two of you out there that have good reasons. I have yet to meet any of you.

Here is just one example of what I mean.

The infamous Howard Stern had one of his guys go out into the streets of Harlem during the primaries and switched the policies of McCain's with Obama's to see who would people vote for then:

Of course, this is just one example but it will give you a good idea.

* Note * Explicit Language *

There was a story that had come out and floated around the Internet ( but suppressed by the Main Stream Media ) where a man named Larry Sinclair came out and said he had done drugs and had sexual relations with the President.

For further followups and information, visit:

Aside from these videos, there is also the background factor. Many don't know, to this day, or don't care, If Obama is born here or not. Cases are still pending on the legitimacy of his presidency but of course, you won't find this in the media.

Here is a nutshell explanation into WHY his background is still in question with cases pending against him on it.

Is it now a little more clear for you?

A little upset?... Not yet?

Here is the Noam Chomsky On Obama's appointees, on who and what their view point will be on foreign policy, along with Barack Obama.

You might say " HEY, Israel is our ally! We gotta look out for our friends! "

If you are still saying that after the recent conflict in Gaza, then here is one for you ( ties into Obama )

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

A Fascist left & a Communist has entered.

Is this really change? Hardly...

I'm sure people didn't even pay attention and look beyond his articulate presentation of flat out saying " We need a civilian national force " in one of his speeches awhile back. You know who had this? Nazi Germany & the Soviet Union.

And the people applaud like a bunch of zombies, i mean come on seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people?!

And here is Rahm Emanuel ( Obama's Chief Of Staff ) on implementing a draft.

Through all this, some of you might say " Hey, The man isn't even doing anything or done anything yet, give him a chance! "

Yea well, sorry to tell you but, if a man says " I'm going to kill that guy " while holding a gun, chances are, he's killing somebody.

People better wake up and wake up fast. Snap out of this worship nonsense before what they know as the United States of America, is taken from underneath them without even knowing...

The sociology of Barack Obama ( A clip from the Alex Jones Show )

This is the United States Of America, A REPUBLIC, not a democracy nor any other form of government.

The constitution is to be defended by all enemies, foreign & DOMESTIC, remember that.

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