Friday, January 2, 2009

Israel Vs. Hamas ( Palestine ) The Fire That Now Burns.

For those of you that haven't been following the news, the current conflict happening in the world is one that has been going on long before a lot of us were even born. The conflict in the middle east between Israel & the Palestinians. Some might say " It's Hamas " to be more direct but they do represent, of what is to be considered, the state of Palestine.

Media reports in the U.S. claim Israel is defending their right to defend their own country and people because Hamas launched rockets into their cities first. Meanwhile in other new agencies, it is said that Hamas is retaliating to what Israel has done for many many years: consistently breaking U.N. resolutions.

Of course, any country has a right to defend itself against it's enemies but what is going on here is a slaughter, not a battle.

You fight on a battlefield, not people's homes. You attack bases, you don't attack mosque's.

In 8 years since Hamas has been in control:

Only 10 Israeli's have died and since these air strikes, 420 Palestinians have died and over 2,000 have been injured.

You might wonder, Why the U.S. says one thing while the world says another. Well, if you haven't been following or watching the films I have posted, I suggest you use the search box and type in " Film " and look for AIPAC. That's one reason.

A few others:
Israel gets roughly about 3 billion dollars in aid from the U.S.
The weapons they use are given by the U.S.
Most of the politicians and corporate heads are Zionists
I can write out a laundry list for you but maybe later.

I want you to take a look at this video piece below that goes into great detail on how the media likes to favor Israel many times over anyone else in the world. Where the truth lies and where the lies lie.

Below is a film that will break down into detail, why the media acts the way they do, shows what they want to show, and lets you to believe, Israel is a beacon of purity when it hides over 400+ nuclear missiles & has the worst human rights violations record in the world.

Peace, Propaganda & The Promise Land.

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