Friday, January 9, 2009

Noam Chomsky VS. Alan Dershowitz 2005 Palestine/Israel Debate

Usually I'd post a film for the weekend to watch but I couldn't find the right movie to best fit with the current conflict in Gaza. So, I decided to post this debate between Noam Chomsky & Alan Dershowitz at Harvard University.

You can click their names for more info or watch the first clip of many in this post to hear a nutshell detail on who each person is.

Let me point out, Adam Dershowitz is a staunch supporter of Israel and a known watchdog for AIPAC, The Israel Lobby.

Point being, Alan is what the Zionist would be defined and seen as and Noam Chomsky would be how the more traditional Jews are. Although, Noam doesn't come off as religious to me but I mean it in speaking for the logical form and not so much as the biased side of Israel is always right and it's because I'm Jewish.

You will make your own judgement and I always encourage you to but pay attention to the two. Alan tends to fluff people up and make them look as holy men ( Example: Ariel Sharon is a man of peace ) when that has nothing to do with the facts of what was done, being done, and heading. Point of that, when you fluff up you distort what the point is suppose to be and have the viewer to say " wow they are nice guys why would this guy be opposed "

It's a psychological game really but enough of that.

Enjoy and see you next weekend!


* Clips are, of course, in order from top to bottom *

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