Thursday, January 8, 2009

As The Conflict In Gaza Continues...

Being that I haven't posted for the past few days I felt I should make up for it in this post ( and one following tomorrow evening with a film )

I'm not going to candy coat and speak in the " professional " form because many of you are already filled in somewhat on the conflict so I'll just start to throw in my two cents.

The way the conflict seems to be going isn't well. And I mean that for the civilians being caught in the crossfire.
You'd say " Oh but Hamas threw rockets first " which has come out recently that, that wasn't the case.

You can view a timeline leading upto the Gaza conflict here.

There was a video recently from a program called " The Young Turks ". It's a fairly liberal program which I'm not too in favor of at times cuz of their political viewpoints and takes on some issues but that's my own personal thing.

In this clip, the host Cenk Uygur goes into a great amount of detail on the conflict and how it came about, with some added notes.

Cenk mentions a recent event that had happened with the attack on the U.N. vehicle that was providing aid to the Palestinians. Crazy, I know, here is the article.

Now, the way I see it: Hamas might not win militarily against Israel but they are winning in the reputation department. The world seems to be opposing Israel on all corners.

Here is a list of U.N. Violations committed by various nations, pay close attention to the detail of violators.

UN Resolutions being violated by countries other than Iraq.

Now you might say " big deal " but it actually is a very big deal. Israel has made itself ( since it's creation ) to be this beacon of peace in the middle east, with the Arab nations being the evil ones for hating them for so long. Now, it seems the tables are turning to the light of truth, and it's about time.

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