Friday, February 20, 2009

Distorted Morality * Weekend Film *

This is more of a speech than a film but considering it's the weekend and the length of this speech, I went for the title.

Earlier today, I got into an exchange, which turned into a debate, then quickly turned into a heated argument, without realizing where it just went.

A friend of mine wasn't at his job on this day so his brother in law filled in for him. He overheard me speaking on the economy while another guy said " they are protesting all over the world over the economy! " and i replied " well at this problem, we are at the root "

The brother in law later said " They are always protesting something " and I came back with " right, but this economic problem they are protesting, we are at fault for over spending, living beyond our means and so forth " he came back with historical references like " well they weren't complaining when we rebuilt Europe or sold them Gold and so forth "

I told him if that's your argument then no one can have a problem with anything. He came back with " why do you think this occurred because of us? " I proceeded to explain from the " guaranteed loans giving by the U.S. ( or backed by the U.S. ) that the loans will profit down the line and so forth.

Some how, it went from my dissent of the U.S. on the economic matters to foreign policy to where he came out with calling me an " apologist for terrorism, Saddam, etc. " then concluding with " If you don't like this country, then you can get the hell out! "

Mind you, I was arguing the " Policies of the United States, Not the country itself "

I couldn't believe what I just saw. As he went out to cool off, his wife and son told me " Excuse him, I'm sorry, he's like that, he's a very hardcore pro-American, Pro-Military guy who doesn't like opposition "

I couldn't help but think, this was very very Fascist and in the line of what Stalin & Hitler preached.

Of course I didn't say that because then it would have just blown over but this country, alike many, were built up to be by opposition of ideas and debate. Not obedience and passiveness.

To each their own but I made it clear to them that " I never ever will speak in debate, for this very example, without having fact to back up my arguments. I'm not winning money or trophies for getting one over you so you should not be so hard headed to think I'm arguing for the sake of argument. Or, as he put it " Anti-American "

It's people like this guy who brought the country to be divided as it became during the Bush years.

I'm sure you guys would agree that If you were so sure of yourself, you'd be able to rebuttal without breaking a sweat, not lash out in a rant, make faces of disbelief and turn your head to ignore what is being said instead.

I guess this is why messages like these, relay better with young people than older. I should have known better to know that, the older you get, the harder it would be to learn new things.

To one day be told " What you thought was real, real wasn't the way you thought it was "

I picked this Noam Chomskey speech because he touches on this a bit with the " War On Terrorism " and how people get influenced by propaganda on T.V. without being told the entire truth of a certain subject.

All in all, have a great weekend, enjoy the speech, and, as always, hopefully you learn a thing or two.


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