Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mosaic News: World News From The Middle East 2/9/10

Mosaic is a Peabody Award-winning daily compilation of television news reports from the Middle East, including Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, The Palestinian Authority, Iraq & Iran.

I will be posting these more often as they seem to be a good nutshell of multiple broadcasts from multiple sources, from the Middle East, in 1 convenient video.

Something us ( in the United States ) don't see on our mainstream media outlets.

In this segment:

Nigeria footage: uniformed men shoot unarmed men
Al Jazeera TV, Qatar

Israel increases racist policy towards Arab Israelis
Dubai TV, UAE

Evacuation orders nixed for controversial East Jerusalem building
IBA TV, Israel

"No need to apologize to Turkey"
BBC- Arabic

Internationals plant olive trees in the West Bank
Al Arabiya TV, UAE

Syrians demonstrate in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners
Syria TV, Syria

Iran to launch home-built anti-missile system
Press TV, Iran

5th anniversary of Lebanese former prime minister Rafik Hariri
Future TV, Lebanon

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