Friday, March 13, 2009

Stephen Baldwin Vs. Ron Paul: Legalizing Marijuana

I don't know about you but when I was younger, I never thought to do drugs ( or even acknowledge them )

I use to see the " Don't Do Drugs " Ad Campaigns left and right on TV, TV Show episodes about them, and so forth. They made Marijuana look like " if you smoke this, you will die! " Then one day I tried it, bugged out a little bit but woke up the next day like a champ saying " Wow, that was weed?" Point is, You keep throwing it in peoples faces on what not to do, you are contradicting the argument of being " Against " it by promoting the product in my view. It stands the same with the whole Safe Sex, Gun Ban, Etc. Arguments as well.

The individual can figure out on his own what something can do and decide for himself. I don't need fancy campaigns telling me otherwise.

If drugs in general, were to be legal, I wouldn't go and do Heroine, Cocaine, and others just because it's legal, why would the govt. assume that they have to prevent me from even thinking to do it?

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